Ultimate Guide to Short Wigs

in May 8, 2023

Picture this: you’re getting ready for a night out, and you want to look your absolute best. You pick out what you’re going to wear, but now you’re staring at the mirror trying to figure out which of your wigs you need to finish off the look.

You may look over at your wigs with long hair and start dreading the thought of all the extra time and effort it will take to make it look just right. You deserve to feel beautiful walking out that door, so why not make styling your hair a little bit more manageable so that you can waste no time and enjoy an unforgettable evening?

With short wigs, you can cut to the chase and still look and feel perfect. From pixies to bobs and human hair versus synthetic hair, there is so much you may not know about short wigs. Don’t worry, we have you covered with the ultimate guide on everything you need to know without feeling stranded.

The Benefits of Short Wigs

Woman wearing short gray wig

Whether you wear hairpieces to supplement your hairstyle, or you’re one of many women facing hair loss, there are multiple benefits to wearing a short wig. Confidence is the most important reason to wear one. Hair is something everyone deserves to customize, so if you’re suffering from hair loss, a short wig will give you back control in deciding how you want to present yourself to the world. 

According to Glam, short hairstyles, like shags and bobs are on-trend, so your short wig will keep you in style with some of the biggest celebrities like Margot Robbie, Halle Berry, and Taylor Swift. Here are some of the other benefits that come with your decision to wear a short wig.

Saving You Time

Some of the best short wigs are the ones that save you time when getting ready. Why keep your friends waiting? Synthetic wigs take no time at all. They come pre-styled so that you are set the moment you put it on.

Short wigs also have less hair involved, making them easier to manage. With less time to wash and dry, you will be ready to leave your house and on your way in no time.

Saving You Money

The less hair involved, the less shampoo, conditioner, and other hair care products you need to use. That means your bottles and cans will last you much longer with a short wig than with a long wig. Goodbye frequent trips to the store to restock!

Also, less hair means less exposure to anything that can damage your wig. With proper care, you will save money with wigs that will keep you looking amazing for longer. Unless you want to try out a new look, you won’t need to purchase a new wig to replace a destroyed one.

Choosing the Best Short Wig for You

Woman wearing Jordan human hair wig

While the best short wig is the one that makes you look and feel beautiful inside and out, there are various factors that go into choosing the right style. To get a better idea of the best short wig for you, here are a couple factors to consider.

Face Shape

One important aspect to consider is your face shape. Some styles may fit an oval face better than they would fit a square-shaped face. This is where customization comes in. Don’t be afraid to test out different styles that go with your unique face. A great look for heart-shaped faces are shorter lengths of hair, but anything too short can make your chin appear narrow.


Depending on what your plans for the day or night are, you will want to pick a hairstyle that suits the occasion. One of the fabulous parts about short wigs is that they come in a large variety of colors. Looking to shake things up? Make your mark with an unconventional color. Conversely, if you’re attending a job event or if you have an important interview coming up, you may opt into a more subtle and natural color. You can also dye your wig any color you want if you desire a new look. Just be sure to take your skin undertone into account when picking the perfect color for your short wig.

Different Styles of Short Wigs

Woman wearing short blond wig

Here comes the most important part of your short wig journey: picking out your wig! At Ultimate Looks, we have many types, styles, and colors of short wigs to choose from. Let’s explore some of your options.

Layered Bob

Make a strong statement with a layered bob short wig. This style screams Hollywood iconic, but is still just as relevant as ever. The wig features heat-resistant synthetic hair fibers, which can withstand up to 350 degrees. You can use thermal tools to flat iron, curl, or straighten your wig to keep it looking flawless. Enjoy a sunny day without fear of damaging your hair. It’s all about curves, movement, and side swept bangs.

Jordan Hair Blend

The Jordan Human Hair Blend wig by Envy is the perfect way to get in on “The Chop” trend. With curls, you can keep it short and stylish anytime and any season. This human hair wig lets you heat it and change it up for total customization to fit your mood. The front lends a highly realistic hairline that will help you find your confidence in a natural look.

Maintaining Your Short Wig

When you purchase a wig, you expect it to last. While short wigs are easier to manage, they still require lots of care. It is important to know how to properly wash your wig so it won’t lose its quality and comfort. Wigs don’t retain moisture themselves, and they are susceptible to tangling due to the lack of natural oils. You always want to start cleaning your short wig by detangling it. This will help to avoid damage and shedding, and make it easier to maintain.

You also don’t want to overwash your short wig. This will limit the life of your wig. When you do wash it, be mindful of the products you use. Some regular shampoos and conditioners may have chemicals in them that can damage synthetic wigs. Consider a synthetic hair care kit to ensure you’re taking extra care of your short wig. For human hair wigs, take caution as you would with natural hair. 

Let Your Hair Down with Ultimate Looks

Ready to own your own short wig that will finish off your look? At Ultimate Looks, we want to make you look and feel beautiful, inside and out. Find the best short wig for you and your occasion in our large collection.

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