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Designer & CEO Alan Eaton believes every woman should experience the next-level confidence and freedom you feel when wearing an ENVY Wig. Known for multiple innovations that deliver maximum comfort while making its wigs indistinguishable from your own natural hair, ENVY has introduced 10 NEW on-trend styles and 12 NEW rooted shades in 2022. Giving wig-wearers more ways to express themselves… while never giving their secret away.


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Envy wigs allow you to regain your original thick volume with ease. You no longer need to miss the way your hair used to look since the variety of cuts, styles, and colors offered by Envy allow you to achieve virtually any look. And since it is Envy, one of the top wig designers in the world, you know you will be looking your best at all times.

Whether you are suffering from thinning hair or complete hair loss, there is an Envy wig that will help your beauty shine through like never before. You can choose from high-fashion hair add-ons and high-quality full wigs that will help you to easily sport any look you want. Have fun selecting some cute and bouncy curls, long and luxurious locks, straight and professional hair, as well as designs that magically combine and marry different styles. Look however you wish to with ease.

And even if you think you have already seen all the Envy wigs available, you will be delightfully surprised to learn there are new styles available. Discover the latest options available from the world famous wig designer Alan Eaton. You can’t go wrong selecting one of his genius pieces. If it is Envy, then you know you will be wearing one of the hottest looks in the fashion world.

You can easily achieve timeless elegance or a cutting edge bold new look, strikingly straight to curly and coiffed. Part of the strong appeal of these top quality wigs is the ability to select the exact volume and texture you desire. You will love Envy wigs’ exclusive Envyhair, which delivers a proprietary ratio of real human hair along with heat-friendly fiber. Certain types of Envy hair pieces and wigs can even be curled, straightened, and blow-dried for fantastic flexibility. Enjoy the uniquely beautiful look you deserve.

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