How to Wash Your Wig to Make it Last Longer

in Jul 12, 2019

We all know that you have to take great care of your wigs. But most of us really don't know exactly how to do that. We need some rules and guidelines to learn how to do it right! 

Questions like:

How often is too often to wash my wig?

What kinds of products do I use to wash my wig?

How do I style my wig after I wash it? (we've got a post on this if you're interested)

Let's face it, we spend A LOT of money on our human hair wigs and our synthetic wigs and we need to make sure that they last. 

So here's what you need to know about wig washing, the good, the better and the best....


how to wash your wigs


How to Know When It's Time to Wash Your Wig

The best way to know when to wash your wig, is when it starts to feel sort of "crunchy" or stiff. This usually comes from the wig fibers drying out. Remember your wig does not retain moisture by itself, you have to inject the moisture and if you don't it will not last as long. 

If you use styling products like creams or hairspray on your wigs every day you're going to have to wash your wig more often than people who don't. Also, if you live in a humid, rainy or hot area (produces sweat), you're going to have to wash your wig more often overall. 

Washing your Wig

There's a difference between washing a human hair wig, and washing a synthetic wig. These kinds of wigs require two different kinds of products with different formulas.

Here are some of our recommendations for wig washing products: 

Synthetic Wig Washing Products 

This Jon Renau synthetic hair wig kit for synthetic wig and hair care is one of the best on the market and come with a shampoo, conditioner, detangling spray and comb. This washing wig kit for your synthetic wigs will keep them in tip top shape, and we swear by it. 

Human Hair Wig Washing Products 

This Jon Renau human hair wig kit for human hair wigs and human hair extensions  is one of the best hair care kits on the market and comes with a shampoo, conditioner, blow dry balm to protect the wig, a smooth treatment mist and a human hair safe wig brush. This human hair wig washing kit will keep your human hair wig moisturized and full of health. Get yours today!


how to wash your wig


More Wig Washing Tips

1. Since wigs don't have the natural oils the less you wash your wig the better! 

But don't wear it too long without washing it otherwise it will start looking, stiff, dry and dingy. But just in case you do have some wigs that have gone too long without a wash, click here to learn how to revitalize it!

2. Use your hot air blow dryer to help dry your wig very carefully. Many wigs are able to be heat styled, BUT some of them aren't and you can end up ruining the style of your wig. 

It's a much safer bet to let your wig air dry. 

3. You shouldn't shower with your wig on. Although it may seem like a way to save time in the morning the heat from the shower could easily damage the bonds of the hair to the wig cap. Which shortens the life of the wig due to shedding. 

4. Carve out time to wash your wig. It takes time, so make sure that when it's time to wash your wig you figure out a time to do it. 

5. Do not neglect your natural hair. Taking a day or two off will help to save wear and tear on your wig but also provide your scalp and natural hair with a bit of air to rejuvenate itself. 








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