If you want hair that remains composed and does not frizz no matter the weather synthetic wigs are the way to go! There are many advantages of being able to put the style you want on in seconds. For a great price, you can have the freedom you need to have any style you want for minimal effort and whenever you want it no matter the weather.

4 Pros of Wearing Synthetic Wigs


1. Easy to Maintain + Amazing Style Memory

Another advantage synthetic wigs have are incredibly easy to tend to and have amazing style memory. So your style and curl pattern are baked in and ready to go. And to restyle it just wash it in cool water, shake it out and it's back to its original style.

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2. Vibrant Color that LASTS

Synthetic wigs also have amazingly vibrant hues due to the fact that synthetic hair fibers hold color more efficiently than human hair fibers. It can have deeper and more vibrant colors and fading is not an issue. So now you can have any color you want anytime!


3. Cost Effective

They also have great cost-effectiveness. You can get three or more synthetic wigs for the price of one wig made of human hair. Now every wig enthusiast should have a good human hair wig at their disposal. But for all-weather situations, nothing beats all synthetic wigs!



4. Natural Looking Hair Options

And believe it or not, you can have a naturally beautiful looking hairstyle through a synthetic wig! With a good quality synthetic wig, you can get the look of human hair for much less money. In fact, it is actually very hard to tell the difference between a quality synthetic wig and a human hair wig.

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3 Cons of Wearing Synthetic Wigs


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There are some challenges to synthetic wigs but with a few things in mind, you can have an amazing natural hairstyle!


1. Shine

Number one is shine. A drawback to (low quality) synthetic fiber is that there may be an unnatural shine to the hair. This can be easily remedied by simply washing the wig and once it is dry applying hair powder or dry shampoo to give it a natural look.

2. Shorter Lifespan than Human Hair Wigs

The second is they have a shorter life span than their human counterparts. But just because they have a shorter life span doesn't mean that it's not a great life! Synthetic hair makes life so much easier and the color will not fade! Depending on how much you wear it, you should get around 3-6 months out of a synthetic wig.

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3. Cannot recolor the Wig

And lastly, you cannot recolor a synthetic wig. But this problem is solved by the price of a synthetic wig and the fact you can simply buy more than one color for whatever your current style may be! And as said before that color will not fade over time!


So whether it be rain, snow, intense heat. Having a synthetic wigs means you can have that amazing look you want anytime and anywhere!

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