Henry Margu Highlighted


▪ Only certain colors are available for each product.

▪ Colors offered for a product are listed on the product page under "Colors Available".

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Highlighted Colors

Henry Margu's exclusive highlighted colorations add a touch to a style.  Using a traditional method of a darker base color with lighter highlights creates an amazingly natural appearance. 

Color 1H

1H Black w/ Off Black Highlights

Color 1BH

1BH Off Black w/ Med. Dk. Brown Highlights

Color 4H

4H Medium Dk Brown w/Med Brown Highlights

Color 5H

5H Dark Brown w/ Strawberry Highlights

Color 6H

6H Chestnut Brown w/ Auburn Highlights

Color 626H

626H Dark Brown w/ Golden BlondeHighlights

Color 7H

7H Chocolate Brown w/ Caramel Highlights

Color 8H

8H Med Brown w/Golden Brown Highlights

Color 8/14H

8/14H Med Brown w/ Dk Blonde Highlights

Color 8/27/33H

8/27/33H Med Brown w/Gold Blnd Strawberry & Auburn Highlights

Color 12AH

12AH Gldn Brown w/ Lt Auburn Highlights.

Color 12H

12H Gold Brown w/Lt Gold Blonde Highlights

Color 14/24H

14/24H Dk Blonde w/ Lt Straw. Blonde  Highlights

Color 14H

14H Dk Blonde w/ Lt Wheat Blonde Highlights


16H Ash Blonde w/ Platinum Blonde Highlights 

Color 18/22H

18/22H Lt Ash Brown w/Lt Ash Blonde Highlights 

Color 24H18

24H18 Lt Ash Brown w/Gold Blonde Highlights

Color 26H

26H Light Gold Blonde w/ Lt Blonde Highlights

Color 27AH

27AH Dark Strawberry Blonde w/ Dark Blonde Highlights 

Color 27/26H

27/26H Gold Blonde w/ Glazed Strawberry Blond Highlights 

Color 29H

29H Dk Auburn w/Copper Red & Fire Red.Highlights

Color 30H

30H Auburn w/ Fire Red Highlights

Color 31H

31H Dk Auburn & Med Brown w/ Warm Strawberry Highlights

Color 33H

33H Dk. Auburn w/ Copper Red Highlights

Color 37

37 Graduated Grey

Color 38

38 Lt Brown w/ 25% Grey

Color 38H

38H Lt Brown w/ 50% Grey on top & 25% Grey in Back


Color 43

43 Graduated Grey Color

Color 44

44 Grey Mixed w/ Dark Brown

Color 44H

44H Med brown Mixed w 50%Grey on Top & 25% Grey in Back

Color 51

51 Lt Grey mixed w/ 25% Med. Brown

Color 51H

51H Lt Grey w/25% Med. Brown on Top & 50% Med Brown in Back

Color 56

56 Light Grey w/ 15% Lt. Brown

Color 60

60 Off White

Color 60H

60H Silver White on top w/ 25% Lt Brown in Back

Color 88H

88H Dk Strawberry Blonde w/Lt Wheat Blonde Highlights

Color 130H

130H Copper Red w/Dk Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Color 131H

131H Fire Red w/ Auburn Highlights

Color 132H

132H Dk Auburn w/ Bright Copper Red Highlights

Color 614H

614H Light Wheat Blonde w/Lt Gold Blonde Highlights

Color 2600H

2600H Golden Blonde w/Lt Gold Blonde Highlights.

Color 2500H

2500H Butterscotch w/Lt Gold Blonde Highlights.


Colors & Products displayed may appear different from actual.  If you have questions or are uncertain of your color or product choice, please see Color & Product Help before ordering.

Or, if you prefer you can order a Color Ring*  which can be found under Wig Accessories.  The color ring choicewould be "Henry Margu Highlighted"