How To Detangle A Wig

in May 4, 2019

The day has ended. You've taken your wig off and have put it on your wig rack to store for the evening. Then, you see it: a huge tangled matted mess. You grab your wig styling items and comb and get to work.

Like real hair, wigs can experience tangles. In fact, wigs tend to be more prone to tangle as a result of the shortage of the natural oils that are in the scalp. These oils work as a natural conditioner that protects against knots and tangles in our hair.

Obviously, it isn't foolproof, as everyone can attest, but these oils do help. Caring for your wig is crucial to keeping it for a long time. Wig maintenance is something we write about a lot on Ultimate Looks. Because a well taken care of wig lives a long life. We want to help you protect your investment. Tangles can harm your wig and ruin your wig, but proper care can make it last a long time. Some wig wearers find they can make their wigs last for years.

Firstly, don't over wash your wig. You want to shampoo and condition your wig. If you have a wig that you wear quite often, that wig only really needs to be washed around once per week.

As we always talk about, you need a wig stand. This is an incredible wig styling accessory. Styling your wig while it's on a wig stand can go a considerable way in keeping up the style of the wig and reducing tangles. After washing or only a day of wear, you may want to comb your wig out. Be more gentle than you would be with your own hair. Since wigs are more fragile than your own hair. Just as you would with your own hair while detangling, you’ll want to detangle from the ends up.

Detangling this way reduces breakage, aids to prevent more tangling, and assists in keeping the hair healthful and easy to manage. With both synthetic and human hair wigs, remember to always start detangling from the ends of the hair.

If you're a frequent wig wearer, then you probably already know the most place where most tangles reside. The nape of the neck is where hair tangles up the most and mats together.The easiest way to prevent this matting is to comb the region of the wig behind your neck with your fingers throughout the day.  

A few tips to keep your wig from tangling up:

  • If it’s synthetic, try using a wig steamer to manage the hair fibers that are mostly made of plastic
  • Don’t use a lot of product, this will keep your wigs hair stiff and unnatural looking

Even with all the care in the world, tangles can still occur exactly as they would with natural hair. This is perfectly normal and something that you can learn how to manage using these tips!

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