Ultimate Guide to Wiglets

in Jun 16, 2023

What is a Wiglet?

Throughout history, wigs have had cultural value as symbols of power, health, and self-expression. Nowadays, it’s as likely that you’ll find a celebrity wearing a wiglet on a red carpet as your neighbor on a trip to the grocery store. Wiglets are different from traditional wigs in that they are a partial wig, typically used to add volume, cover thinning hair, or enhance a specific hairstyle. They are designed to blend in with your natural hair and can be attached to your existing hair using various methods such as clips, combs, or adhesive strips.

woman putting on wiglet

Wiglets are often used by individuals experiencing hair loss or thinning in specific areas, such as the crown or the front of the hairline. They provide a quick and convenient solution to achieve your desired look without needing a full wig. Wiglets come in different sizes, shapes, and hair types to match your natural hair color and texture.

With so many types, you'll always have options to turn up your look and be on-trend. If you're looking to buy a wiglet and need help figuring out where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Get ready to answer every question you’ve ever thought to ask about wiglets, and then some.

Straight Wiglets

Let’s start with the basics. Many people either have naturally straight hair or have trained their hair over time to be straight. For anyone looking to match straight hair, the Mono Wiglet in both medium and short is about to be your new best friend.

mono wiglet medium length in brown

The straight wig is the most versatile of wig styles as you can style it in various ways with curls, waves, or twisting hair strands. Always keep a straightening iron handy if you need to straighten out some twists.

Volume Wiglets

One of the most common reasons people sport a wiglet is to add volume to their hair. It doesn’t matter if you have a full head of hair or have started balding, a volume wiglet fits all occasions. Remember those celebs we talked about earlier? They probably wouldn’t like us sharing their secrets, but wiglets are an essential part of any red carpet outfit. 

Adding a Volume Bump to your wardrobe will make getting ready for your next formal occasion a breeze. Not only can they accentuate your existing hair, it will save hours while getting ready and be consistent, beautiful and professional every time. A Top Tress is another popular volume wiglet that can be used for everyday occasions, or if you prefer curly styles.

blonde volume bump wiglet

Extension Wiglets

Alright, we’ve aired out the secrets of celebs, now it’s time for the fashion models and influencers of the world. You know how in real estate it’s all about location, location, location? Well, for modern models it is all about extensions, extensions, extensions!

There are a multitude of reasons that people of all ages, races and genders rely on hair extensions. Firstly, extensions provide increased hair length if you want longer hair, but have difficulty growing your natural hair. Thin hair can be thickened up by the right hair extensions. From a styling perspective, extensions can make any head of hair extremely versatile or even offer a temporary and immediate hair color change. There’s no need to harm your existing hair with dangerous dyes.

For those of you looking for that model length, the best way to achieve it is not spending two years waiting for your hair to grow and then cutting and coloring it, but rather reaching right now for a Highlight Extension Wiglet. This is a wiglet that will add dimension to your hair and make it seem like you’re arriving straight from the salon. Another option is Breathless by Ultimate Looks, a ready-made pony-tail extension that is as fun as it is chic.

dark brown hair extension wiglet

Wiglets with Style

Not to paint with a wide brush, but who hasn’t dreamed of the perfect set of mysterious bangs at least once in their life? Through the power of wiglets, that dream can finally come true. The Trendy Fringe by Ultimate Looks is anything but a passing trend.

This is just one example of two of the best uses of wiglets. First, it is an easy and successful fix for those of us looking to add a bit more coverage or volume to thinning hair. Second, wiglets are a pain-free and stress-free way to experiment with different looks. Have you always wondered how your face may be framed by bangs? Wonder no more. 

While you’re playing around with new hair styles, be sure to check out Night Out by Ultimate Looks, the easiest way to achieve an elegant and striking hair style in seconds. Wrapped with a soft braid, this chignon includes a two comb system that securely attaches to a ponytail or knot. Part of the Raquel Welch collection, you’ll be the talk of the town for all the right reasons. 

Will Wearing Wiglets Damage My Hair?

This is probably the most common question we hear. Against popular belief, wearing wigs will protect your natural hair. This is because wearing wigs will reduce the number of times you have to style your hair, which means less contact with dyes and hair chemicals. In turn, wearing a wig will aid hair growth by deterring damage from heat styling.

Wiglets are a miracle solution for patients with medical conditions where hair loss is inevitable. For those of us suffering from alopecia, like Jada Pinkett Smith, or undergoing chemotherapy, wiglets are the right fit for good and bad hair days.

Can Men Wear Wiglets?

Absolutely! Many men wear wigs, specifically short ones, to cover various hair problems. This is more common, however, among men in the entertainment industry. Whether it's due to hair loss, alopecia, or simply style, many men wear a wig or wiglet to enhance their appearance.

Let Your Hair Down with Ultimate Looks

Ready to own your own wiglet that will finish off your look? At Ultimate Looks, we want to make you look and feel beautiful, inside and out. Find the best wiglet for you and every occasion in our full collection.

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