The Wig Travel Guide: How to Pack a Wig & More Tips

in May 1, 2018

How to Pack and Store Wigs

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When you’re new to wearing wigs, learning how to pack a wig and travel with your wigs can be tricky because there are so many things to consider.

- What wig care products should you bring with you?

- How many wigs should you bring?

- Should you buy a wig specific carrying case?

- Is it even worth it to bring a wig on a trip?

We talked to our team of cosmetologists to answer these questions in more so that you can feel confident packing a wig for your next trip.


Q: Is learning how to pack a wig for a vacation worth the hassle?

A: Yes!

These days packing for a trip is all about one thing: suitcase efficiency.

With the ten pairs of shoes, four daytime outfits, four nighttime outfits, makeup, reading materials, and all the chargers that you need, finding a place for everything can feel like playing a game of Tetris with too many blocks and a too-small bag.

Packing has become such a tricky task that we’ve wondered, is it even worth bringing our wigs on vacation?

If you ask us, it is! Pre-styled synthetic wigs let you spend more time doing the things you enjoy on vacation - like laying on the beach and drinking margaritas - and less time getting ready.

Not only that, wigs are lightweight, simple to put on, and easy to pack once you learn how to do it.


Felicity Lace Front Mono Synthetic Wig Jon Renau

Q: How many wigs should I pack?

A: As many wigs as styles you plan on wearing.

Unless you’re a wig styling master, styling a wig on vacation can be a hassle.

Bringing a couple of extra wigs with different styles will not only save you styling time on your trip so that you can spend more time with your friends and family, but it will also save you room in your suitcase because wigs take up less space than hair dryers, curling irons, and styling products.


Q: If I travel with my wig, will it get damaged?

A: Only if you don’t pack it correctly.

When it comes to fifty-pound carry-on bag weight limits, wigs are a much better choice than the straightening irons, blow dryers, and human hair products most women need to bring when they travel because they’re so lightweight.

The trouble comes when people assume that because their wig is so lightweight, they can stuff it into any area of their suitcase like a pair of extra socks.

A well-constructed wig cap, like a lace-front or monofilament cap, is actually quite fragile and can break when it isn’t stored properly.

How to Pack Your Wig

To keep your wig safe during your next trip, turn your wig inside out, gently place long locks inside the wig top, then put a hair net around your wig to keep everything in place.

Next, wrap your wig in a silk scarf - a cotton or synthetic scarf will make your wig and wig cap frizzy - and place it in a zippable plastic bag or a wig packing bag and seal it to avoid moisture.

At this point, you can put your wig in your suitcase or your carry-on if you have had one or two bad experiences with missing luggage.


22" Straight Clip-In Hair Extension Heat Friendly Synthetic Hairdo

Q: Do I need to buy a wig carrying case?

A: No.

If you want a super stylish option for carrying your wigs, you can always invest in a wig carrying case, but don’t feel pressured to do so.

Wig carrying cases are designed to keep your wig safe from being jostled or damaged on trips and can hold all of your wig care products, but a Ziploc bag placed in your purse or carry-on can work just as well.


Q: Will I have to take off my wig for airport security?

A: No!

TSA security is not required to ask you to remove your wig. Just like with your clothing, their scanners should be able to see through the wig.

That said, you should avoid wearing too many metal wig clips or bobby pins that could set off a sensor or raise suspicion.

If you are asked to take off your wig and don’t feel comfortable doing it in front of all of the people at security - who would? - ask for a private room. TSA is required to grant that request, and a private room will allow you to take off your wig without feeling stressed.


Q: What do I need to pack for my wig?

A: Hairnets, Shampoo & Conditioner, Wig Brushes & Wig Stands


A hairnet is a great tool to use when packing your wig because it can help your wig maintain its shape in a carrying case or while you’re wearing it on a long flight.

Keep in mind: hairnets can rip or break, so pack a couple of extras.


Jon Renau Human Hair Travel Kit

Wig Shampoo & Conditioner

Shampoos and conditioners made for natural hair can cause real damage to wigs (yes, even human hair wigs and Remy hair wigs).

It can be tempting not to pack your usual wig shampoo and conditioner for your trip and use the hotel’s, but you shouldn’t.

Natural hair products leave behind significant build up, and you can’t vigorously rinse out that build up if you’re wearing a wig.

Besides, if you wash your wig with natural hair products one too many times, you run the risk of creating dreads or damaging the fibers of your wig hair.


Wig Brushes

Natural hair brushes can rip your wig cap or pull out the hairs. Use a wig brush to not cause damage to your wigs.


Wig Stands

A portable wig stand is your best friend when it comes to traveling with wigs. A wig stand will allow you to unpack your wig and let it ‘rest’ in its natural state.

Don’t have any room in your suitcase for a wig stand? Be creative. Use the hotel ice bucket or a lampshade to prop up your wig (just be sure not to turn on the lamp!).


Haley Synthetic Wig Mono Top Envy Wigs

Q: Should I bring different wigs for different types of weather?

A: Definitely.

Wearing a wig when the weather is sweltering and humid or when you're in a very windy city is complicated and uncomfortable. Besides that, wigs can lose their style when it’s raining or if you get wet at the beach.

Check the weather forecast before your trip and bring either a scarf or a hairpiece to wear in inclement weather.


Q: How often should I wash my wig on my trip?

A: Maybe a little less often than usual...

We’re all about washing our wigs regularly to help them last longer. Wigs are a big investment, and we want them to last as long as possible!

That said, there are better things to do on vacation than wash your wig.

Unless your wig gets very sweaty and dirty, it’s okay to take a couple of extra days between washes while you’re on a trip.


Have some wig traveling tips we missed? Let us know how you maintain your wig’s style when you’re traveling in the comments below!

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