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Wig Brushes & Combs

Wig Hair Brushes and Combs

Today’s wigs are of a higher quality than ever before. That means you can look forward to significantly improved wig cap construction and fibers, which will help your wig, hair piece, hair extension, or hair parts last much longer. With that in mind, wigs do require special care and attention. You will need to establish and maintain a regular, ongoing wig maintenance routine. Once you have had some practice, you are sure to find that providing the proper care for your wig can be quick and easy. Taking quality care of your wig will help ensure that you get the most life from it, which means you will be getting the most for your money in the long run.

In order to properly care for your wigs, you will need to use upkeep and styling tools that are specially designed for wigs. If you do not, you may risk damaging your wig from tools and treatments that are too aggressive since they are intended for human hair. A wig brush is a must-have for any wig wearer. These do a fantastic job of helping you achieve the exact style you want while treating your wig with the appropriate, gentle manipulation it needs. 

Another important wig accessory to consider is a wig cap liner. These are ideal for those of you with thinning hair because the liner allows you to tuck in all of your existing hair. This prevents any flyaway wisps or strands of hair from sticking out beyond your wig. These cap liners will also help you achieve and maintain a completely natural look while wearing your hair piece by helping to hold your wig in place. They prevent slipping throughout the day to ensure your wig stays exactly how you placed it at the beginning of each day.

Take advantage of a variety of wig accessories, brushes, and cap liners to look and feel your best while wearing your wig.

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