Summertime Wig Styles

The Best Summertime Wigs

The good news: summer is almost here!

The bad news: wearing a wig can be too much for some women when it’s hot out.

Especially for women who wear long hair wigs or human hair wigs that tend to weigh more than their synthetic or short hair wig cousins, wigs can cause you to overheat when you’re supposed to be enjoying the nice weather outside.

That’s why summer is a great time to switch up your look and try out a less expensive, lighter, synthetic wig with a shorter style.

Here are our favorite synthetic short hair wig styles you can try this summer to stay cool and comfortable when things start heating up.


Layered Bob Hairdo

Bob Style Wigs

The Classic Bob

Whenever we see one of our favorite celebrities chop off their long locks in favor of a short, angular bob, we get major style envy.

That’s because bob haircuts look good on just about everyone. Bobs add definition to your jawline and create volume because the shorter strands aren’t as heavy as wigs with longer styles. Synthetic bob wigs are especially lightweight and have style memory.

A wig with style-memory is a wig that bounces back to it’s original style after it’s washed. No curling, no blow drying, all you have to do in the morning is attach-and-go.

How’s that for an easy morning hair routine?

To get the look go for the Layered Bob by Hairdo or the Upstage Wig by Raquel Welch.


Bobs with Bangs

Short. Layered. Textured. Wavy.

There are an infinite number of ways to add style and personality to a bob looks.

One of our favorite ways to switch up the classic bob look? Choosing a bob with bangs.

A long fringe just above your eyebrows can add a hint of mystery to your look, side-swept bangs give off a low-key, relaxed vibe, and piecey bangs provide that coveted I-woke-up-like-this style.

No matter what look you’re going for, you can find a bob with bangs style that matches your personality.

To get the look go for the Reese Wig by Noriko or the Tori Wig by Rene of Paris.


Jackson Synthetic Wig Traditional Cap

Lob Style Wigs (Long Haired Bobs)

The Original Lob

If you’re used to wearing long-haired wigs and want a lightweight look for summer but aren’t ready to go shorter than your shoulders, the lob is for you.

Lob style wigs fall just between your collarbone and shoulders and they’ve become one of the most popular wig styles over the last decade.


Because lob hairstyles offer the manageability of a shorter bob with the long layers of a long haircut. Over the past decade, lobs have become a celebrity staple hairdo, particularly wavy, tousled lobs.

With natural strands a tousled lob can take hours to perfect, but with a pre-styled synthetic wig achieving this popular look is a cinch.

To get the look go for the Beguile Wig by Raquel Welch or the Jackson Wig by Noriko.


Lob Wigs With Bangs

Just like with their shorter bob predecessor, bangs can add dimension and fun to a lob hairstyle.

If you’re looking to add definition to your face, opt for a lob with piecey bangs.
Piecey bangs offer a lot of versatility because they can be blow dried straight when you want a pulled-together look, swept or pinned to the side when you need them out of your face, or left piecey when you’re going for a casual look.

To get the look go for the Avery by Tony of Beverly or the Emilia by Jon Renau.


Pixie Style Wigs

The Classic Pixie Hairstyle

Women who don’t wear wigs can be hesitant to go for a pixie cut. Rain or humidity can cause their hair to go frizzy and with such a short cut they aren’t able to throw their hair back in a ponytail to compensate for bad weather.

Lucky for you, you don’t have to worry about the same thing with a synthetic wig.
Synthetic wigs don’t go frizzy or as ‘wild’ as human hair and maintain their style in inclement weather.

Pixie cuts save you precious time in the morning, too, because they take the guesswork out of getting ready. Pick a curly, sleek, or layered pixie, put it on in the morning and you’re ready to go.

To get the look go for the Roxy by Tony of Beverly or the Christa by Estetica Designs.


Voltage Raquel Welch

Long Pixies

Long pixies are a great in-between option when you’re ready to go shorter than a bob but aren’t quite ready to fo for a full-on pixie. Typically, long pixie wig styles fall in the space between your cheekbones and your jawline.

With their side swept, straight-edged look, long pixies are an especially great option for older women because they look sophisticated, glamorous and elegant.

To get the look go for the Voltage by Raquel Welch or the Kenzie by Tony of Beverly.


Curly Pixies

Women who prefer wearing their hair in curly, wavy, or textured styles often feel they can’t adopt a pixie style because the curl or wave pattern will be too thick and give them a “crazy professor” look. And while that can be true for women who don’t wear wigs, this just isn’t the case for wig wearers.

Curly haired pixie wigs come pre-styled and cut in flattering shapes that don’t leave their curls looking wild or unruly. It’s true that curls will add volume to your pixie cut, but who doesn’t want a little extra lift?

To get the look go for the Caitlyn by Rene of Paris.


Power Synthetic Wig Raquel Welch

Boy Cut Wigs

The Original Boy Cut

The shortest of short hairstyles, the boy cut isn’t for the faint of heart.

Boy cuts leave no room to hide, accentuating every detail of your face (women with strong cheekbones, this one’s for you). This look is as short as you can go without going for a buzz cut or bald look, and is a great option for confident women who want to show off their natural beauty. Even better, boy cuts are so short that little-to-no styling is necessary, even if you opt for a human hair boy cut wig.

To get the look go for the Power by Raquel Welch or the Whisper Lite by Estetica.


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Did we forget to mention one of your favorite summertime wig looks? Tell us about it in the comments and you might get a shoutout on social!

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