The Best Fall Hairstyle Trends of 2018

Labor Day is almost here, and that means it’s time to trade in our bikinis, barbecues, and beach balls for boots, blankets, and bonfires.

That also means it’s time to retire our favorite summer hairstyles in favor of something new that matches our favorite leather jackets and soft scarves.

We’re breaking down our favorite fall hair colors, cuts, and styles that will transition your style from fun-in-the-sun to cozy-by-the-fire.

Fall Hair Colors


Erika Synthetic Wig Mono Top Amore

Jet Black

When we think of fall, we think of deep, vibrant colors: jewel tone sweaters, chestnut leather boots, and, yes, dark hair colors.

If you typically wear a wig that falls on the darker end of the color spectrum, switching to an even deeper colored wig can be a fresh new change as you head into autumn. Jet black hair looks best on olive skin or skin with yellow undertones, so if you fall into one of those groups, you should try out this look.

Something to keep in mind: a surefire way to signal to the world that you’re wearing a wig, and therefore not rocking your natural hair (and hair color), is to have mismatched roots and eyebrows.

Visit your stylist and have them tint your eyebrows to match your new raven hair to maintain a natural look.

Get the look: Abbey, Erika, Alessandra

Sweet Talk Synthetic Wig Lace Front Mono Part Gabor


Want to go brighter this fall instead of darker? Try out a bronde - a.k.a. Brown-blonde - colored wig.

This color is great for women who have always wondered if blondes really do have more fun, but aren’t quite ready to go full on Sandra Dee.

Another reason to love this color is that it mimics how bio hair reacts in the summer. For most women with brunette hair, the summer sun brings out light blonde or coppery red tones in their hair.

Switching from a brunette wig to a bronde color can help you imitate that natural transition.

Get the look: Sweet Talk, Angelica, Trend Setter

Avery Rooted Colors Lace Front Wig Tony of Beverly

Warm Copper

Leaves, pumpkins, apple cider - the whole world seems to take on an orange hue when autumn comes around. So it’s easy to understand why warm copper hair colors become so popular every fall.

The trick here is to steer clear of fire engine shades. Flat red shades have bluish tones that are the opposite of what you want to achieve this look.

Go for a red shade with warm orange undertones and soft hints of gold to achieve a coppery style.

Women with freckles and green or blue eyes look particularly stunning with warm copper hair colors because the red emphasizes their freckles as well as the jewel tones in their eyes.

Get the look: Avery and Kate

Stepping Out Synthetic Wig Mono Part Gabor

Caramel Highlights

Not all highlights are created equal.

Some highlights, like platinum and bright blondes styles, can actually make you look cooler. Other highlights, like bronde, honey, and strawberry blonde, add warmth to your overall appearance.

To balance out skin with bluish or cool undertones, find a wig with golden, honey hued highlights and lowlights to warm up your face.

Get the look: Everyday Elegant, Embrace, Stepping Out

Fall Haircuts

Upstage Heat Friendly Synthetic Wig Lace Front Mono Top Raquel Welch

The Short Bob

All summer long, beachy waves and messy buns are the styles of the season.

But come fall, we start looking for more polished, back-to-work approved looks. That’s why the short bob, the queen of refined styles, is one of our fall hairstyle favorites.

An autumn ready bob is the perfect sophisticated, refined look that will look equally spectacular at a PTA meeting or on an apple picking adventure.

Choose a bob with sharp, blunt ends that fall just above your shoulders. For a modern spin on this style, find a bob that is shorter in the back and tapers towards the front.

Get the look: Tori, Reese, Upstage

Lea Remy Human Hair Wig Jon Renau

Long Layered Wigs with Bangs

Zooey Deschanel. Reese Witherspoon. Nashville days Taylor Swift.

Long layered looks with piecey bangs have been a favorite of celebrities for years because the hairstyle is universally flattering for almost every face shape. And, when fall comes around, and your schedule gets a bit busier, this is a great low maintenance look.

Gently massage some wig-friendly dry shampoo (more on why you shouldn’t use human hair products on wigs here) into the “roots” of the wig for volume and go. This work looks best when it looks freshly tousled by fall breezes.

Get the look: Lea, Angelique, Celine

Amal Synthetic Wig Traditional Cap Rene of Paris

Mid-Length Perms

Before you have any scary flashbacks to crunchy 80s hair and neon spandex, know that the modern perm is a lot less Elnett-Hairspray-chic and a lot more soft-conditioning-spray friendly.

If you want to try a curly haired wig, splurge for a human hair wig over a synthetic wig.

Synthetic wigs tangle more easily than human hair wigs, and tangles in curly haired wigs are much more difficult to get out than tangles in straight haired wigs.

Get the look: Amal, Curl Appeal, Isabella

Fall Hairstyles

Ballerina Bun Synthetic Wig Revlon

Top Knots

There’s something infinitely chic about pairing a classic ballerina bun with an oversized scarf and peacoat. Fall is to polish your look so transitioning from a messy bun (apologies to the Duchess of Messy Buns, Meghan Markle) to something a bit more put together is always a good choice.

If you still have some bio hair but it the hair isn’t thick or long enough to twist into a bun, opt for a bun hair addition.

On the other hand, if you are planning on twisting wig hair into a bun, make sure that you go for a 100% hand tied wig. 100% hand tied wigs are made to mimic the way hair naturally grows from the head, allowing you to pull the hair in any direction without worrying about the cap becoming visible.

Get the look: Glamour Chignon, Ballerina, Elegance

Blake Remy Human Hair Wig Jon Renau

Long, Loose Braids

When you want to look put together but not too put together, long loose braids are the way to go.

This style works for all wig cap constructions because it doesn’t require pulling your hair back at a harsh angle.

After you put on your wig, decide which side is your best one and gather all of your wig hair onto that side of your head.

From there, loosely braid your hair in a three-strand plait and secure at the end with a cotton elastic. After you’ve braided your hair, gently pull at the strands to create a slightly undone look and set it with wig hairspray.

Get the look: Blake, Ava, Angie

Whiteout Heat Friendly Synthetic Wig Hairdo

60s Hair Flips

If last fall was all about an 80s renaissance, fall 2018 is shaping up to be a 60s revival.

Paisley print shirts, bell bottom pants, and corduroy jackets are back, and with them the traditional 60s hair flip.

This look is clean and polished, while also adding an element of whimsy to your style.

To master this style, pick a lob length wig that falls just above your collarbones and invest in some leave-in conditioning spray. The goal here is to have shiny, clean ends that flip away from your face, not dried out frizzy ones.

Get the look: Gigi, Whiteout, Fantasy

We hope we’ve given you some hair inspiration moving into fall. Have a particular fall hairstyle that you love? Tell us about it in the comments!

For more wig-style inspiration, wig out with: 2018 Hair Trends and Pretty Fall Hairstyle Trends.

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