The Top 9 Hairstyles of 2018

Ask your stylist: we're only a few months into the year and already seeing the looks that will define 2018 hair trends.

Fierce new styles and updated classics have been rocking runways and filling up our Pinterest feeds.

We put together a list of the 2018 hair trends we are seeing and the wigs that will give you the look you want.

Bold, experimental, throw-back, and even subtle - by the time you’re done scrolling through these looks, you’ll probably be ready to order a new wig...or two.


Brave the Wave by Raquel Welch

Vintage Hairstyles

While we’re looking forward to the big hair trends of 2018, the rest of the world is looking back at earlier decades for hair inspiration.

This spring, expect to see a lot of 70s and 90s-inspired hairstyles.

Anything healthy, fluffy, and voluminous is in.

Crunchy, stiff, and static looks are out.

You can achieve soft, velvety hair with a human hair or synthetic wig.

To get the look with a human hair wig… 

It's time to get your 2” curling iron out of retirement.

Curl your wig in big, soft curls all facing the same direction, then brush them out with your fingers. Use a light setting spray if necessary, but try to go easy on the product. This look is all about touchability.

To get the look with a synthetic wig…

Even with a heat-friendly synthetic wig, it’s always a safer bet to stay away from heating tools on a synthetic wig.

Invest in some water absorbing soft-hair rollers and put them in your wig when it’s drying. When your wig is completely dry, take them out and finger comb your wig for a soft, bouncy look. Again, it’s important to go very light on the product for this look.

Get the look: Brave the Wave by Raquel Welch, Angie by Jon Renau, or the Brianna by Envy


Long Hair With Bangs

Long hair with bangs and soft, curvaceous layers are definitely in this year. And frankly, we’re happy to leave behind angular, asymmetrical styles in 2017.

“Rounded-under” styles are what you need to achieve this look. Some of your favorite celebrities, like Taylor Swift and Zooey Deschanel, have been wearing this style for years and for a good reason: it always looks great.

Bangs are a big part of what makes this look work. Go for a “curtain fringe.” That means long, tapered, mysterious-meets-I-woke-up-like-this bangs that work with every texture and length. Think Reese Witherspoon’s long, soft side-swept bangs.

For people who are worried about bang maintenance, keep in mind that piecey, textured bangs are easy to style and versatile. Whether you’re pinning them back, blowing them up with some volume spray, or drying them straight, you’ll never run out of options with a curtain fringe.

Get the look: Angelique by Jon Renau, Athena by Henry Margu, and Brooke by Envy


Short Textured Pixie Cut - HairDo

Pixie Haircuts

It’s no secret that shorter hairstyles are making a comeback. They’re short, easy to manage, and functional. Short haircuts won’t heat your head up in warmer weather.

There are a couple of different ways you can adopt a shorter style.

Traditional Pixies

For women with strong bone structures, or who people who just want to let go of everything that’s been weighing them down, the time for a pixie cut is now.

Pixie cuts are freeing, fresh, and let you spend more time worrying about the important things in life - like summer barbecues - and less about your hairstyle.

Get the look: Pixie Perfect by Gabor or Short Textured Pixie Cut by HairDo

Volumized Pixie

A pixie cut doesn’t have to mean a flat-to-your-head style. Today’s pixie can be big, vivacious, and voluminous. Especially if you like curly looks, volumized pixies are a great option.

Get the look: Voltage by Raquel Welch or Lizzie by Rene of Paris

Long Pixies

We’re excited about the long pixie trend because a long pixie cut is a great transitional style. Whether you’re looking to go from a longer style to a shorter one or the other way around, long pixie cuts are a non-committal way to work yourself towards a different length.

This cut lets you play around with textures, too. Curly, wavy, or sleek - long pixies allow you to experiment with different styles and textures. With a traditional pixie, you’re more limited in your styling options.

Get the look: Trend Setter by Raquel Welch and Reese by Noriko


Bob Hairstyles

Bob hairstyles aren’t new this year, but they’re definitely here to stay.

Bobs are a classic for a reason - they’re versatile, stylish, and low maintenance. A bob can liberate you from having to deal with long hair.

Celebrities like Emma Watson, Jennifer Lawrence, and Cate Blanchett have been wearing bob cuts for ages and experimented with their styles. The “sci-fi” bob, textured bobs, and slick bobs - there are endless styling possibilities with bob cuts.

Another benefit of the bob is that it is a wash-and-go look, for synthetic “style memory” wigs and human hair wigs that require manual styling. As long as you avoid too many layers in your wig, you can wash your bob wig, shake it out, and walk out the door.

Get the look: Double Shot Bob by Belle Tress, Layered Bob by HairDo, and Halo Bob by Rene of Paris


Minka - Jon Renau

The No-Haircut Haircut

Taking a cue from the makeup industry, stylists everywhere are encouraging people to go for no-haircut haircut styles this year.

Straight, cut-too-perfect styles can look overdone or high-maintenance. To achieve the non-haircut haircut look, pick a wig with soft, healthy, textured ends.

Like your favorite t-shirt, this look is best when it is worn in.

If you’re going for this hairstyle, be sure not to use too much product in your hair. It will counteract the “un-doneness” of the look.

Get the look: Petite Julianne by Jon Renau, Cameron by Jon Renau, or Minka by Jon Renau


Statement Middle Parts & Super Straight Styles

Changing your part can change your life, and this year it’s all about splitting it down the middle.

Over the past few years we’ve seen softer side parts, but now hair trends are swinging back towards more daring looks. Pair your new part with a super straight look, and you’ll be rocking one of 2018’s most popular styles.

Get the look: Amanda by Jon Renau and Brooke by Estetica


Glossy, Shiny Blowouts

Almost all of our favorite Kate’s have been on board with this hair trend for years: Middleton, Winslet, and Upton.

All three have worn glossy blowouts with subtle waves for years, and now the style is making a comeback on the runway. But unlike its 80s predecessor, big blowout styles these days are all about manageability.

No rollers, no hairspray - go for a look that has textured volume and curls that are broken with a soft flick towards the front. You want your hair to move, not stay in one place.

Get the look: Alessandra by Jon Renau, Angelica by Noriko, and Ava by Henry Margu


Avery Rooted Colors - Tony of Beverly

Cool, Coppery Red Toned Looks

Red hair got a bit of a bad rap a few decades back.

Fire-engine and candy apple colors scream “Yes, I dyed my hair,” and that look doesn’t fit in with the natural, no-makeup styles of today.

Now coppery, natural reds are showing up on our Pinterest feeds and in magazines. For this look, choose a strawberry blonde or coppery red. Try to stay away from blue-ish red tones that can look fake.

Get the look: Avery by Tony of Beverly, Bella by Jon Renau, and Carley by Jon Renau


80s Permed Looks

Everything 80s seems to be making a comeback these days - movies, clothes, and hairstyles. The bigger the curls, the better.

Unlike when you were in high school, today’s curly looks have a lot less frizz because of our access to modern smoothing products. If you choose a curly wig, make sure you invest in some styling products to keep the style under control.

Get the look: Penelope XO by Amore, Talia by Rene of Paris, and Amal by Rene of Paris


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