Attachment Types for Wigs and Hairpieces

Your wig or hairpiece is a central part of your look. Because of this, your wig or hairpiece needs to look as natural as possible. Beyond being a focal point of your personal aesthetics, it also needs to provide a completely comfortable experience, letting you wear it on a daily basis and for extended periods of time. To help you achieve both the best look and the most comfortable experience, you can select from a wide variety of different attachment types for wigs and hairpieces.

Hairpiece and Hair Extension Attachment Methods

Wigs allow you to achieve the perfect head of hair you once had. Hairpieces allow you to supplement balding, thinning hair, or partial hair loss and even attain the hair you always dreamed of. You can wear wigs and hairpieces with the most confidence ever thanks to a combination of better, more natural construction and materials combined with the fashion world now having fully embraced full wigs and add-on hair. Even if balding or hair loss isn’t an issue, more and more top stylists are recommending the addition of synthetic or natural, human hairpieces and wigs to achieve a complete, full bodied, and luxurious look.

Pressure Sensitive Hair Clip

Pressure sensitive hair clips are one of the most popular options for hair attachments. They consist of small metal clips that are bent in one direction to open. You simply need to bend them in the other direction to close them. To apply this type of clip, you simply need to slide the teeth side of the clip into your hair. All you need to do then is press on the outside edges until you can hear or feel a small snap, which indicates you’ve applied enough pressure and the clip has been closed and securely attached to your hair.

This type of attachment method is one of the most commonly found in clip-in hair extensions or hairpieces. Among the reasons for their consistent popularity is their small size, which helps them easily hide or blend within the hair, keeping them out of sight while they do their job. In addition, their lightweight materials make them a joy to wear, which is especially important since you don’t want any unnecessary weight on your head if you’ll be wearing your hairpiece for extended periods of time. Furthermore, pressure sensitive hair clips are very easy to attach, which is especially helpful if you need to attach your hairpiece on the go or while you’re away from home.

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Interlocking Combs Hairpiece Attachment

Another one of the most popular types of hairpiece attachment features a pair of interlocking combs. This style consists of two straight combs, which are designed to essentially lock in the hairpiece by fastening together. If you frequently sport ponytails or up-do hairpieces, you’ll definitely want to opt for this type of attachment since the combs easily slide underneath your existing ponytail or bun. They lock together, then lay flat and flush with your head. This allows for a completely natural look, delivering a seamless silhouette.

Straight Comb Hair Attachment

A straight comb hair attachment piece features one row of teeth. This row is designed to slide quickly and easily into your existing hair. This type of hair attachment is quite frequently used along with a secondary method of hair attachment. For example, some hairpieces, half wigs and falls, for example, use both a straight comb and pressure sensitive clips to properly secure the piece. If you want to use this type of attachment, you will need to first create a bun, ponytail, or teased section in your hair. You will then slide the comb between the attachment and your head. If you live a more active lifestyle and want to have a greater degree of confidence while wearing a straight comb hair attachment, then you can also add several bobby pins surrounding the attachment to help ensure it stays snug and in place.

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Hair Wrap Attachment

A hair wrap attachment features synthetic or natural, human hair that is securely attached to an elastic band. People love this style because of how easy they are to put on. And they can easily be used in conjunction with your real hair as well as other types of hair attachments. They are easy enough to wear on a regular, daily basis and look nice enough to wear on fancy occasions.

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Drawstring Hair Attachment

You will most often find drawstring hair attachments in ponytails and bun hairstyles. All you need to do is pull it to the tightness that snuggly fits your head or achieves the particular style you want. The flexible drawstring makes it easy to fit on virtually any head size or shape. You can easily use this type of hair attachment with others if you want to achieve a more complex hairstyle.

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Additional Types of Hair Attachments

You can also choose to use a claw clip hair attachment for easy operation and use with ponytails and up-do hairstyles. Or, many people with more advanced hairstyling skills have also come to love weaving and bonding hair attachments for a very distinct, attention-getting look. You may also be interested in a braid hair attachment, which is often used to essentially add volume or thicken your existing natural hair.