How To Put on A Wig

in Apr 23, 2019

You might not understand that whenever you receive a new wig, it is already pre assembled and almost ready to wear from the box. With a bit of fluffing and a little shake, you can have your wig looking ready to wear in only a couple of minutes.

Due to the numerous kinds of styles, there are various packaging methods used to preserve each style.

For example, whenever you open the box, you might note that your wig is packed inside out. This is done to retain the hairs airy appearance.

There are other common packaging procedures, like tucked, brushed, inside out, and upside down, in which the wig has been folded a certain way, or placed on its side.

Each method was designed to retain the wig's style. Let's take a look at what you need to do once you take the wig from the box.

To begin with, cup your hands around the wig inside and shake it to loosen the fibers. In case your wig is styled in ringlet curls, use your fingers or a pick comb. In case your wig is a bit tangled, you may use a wig brush to gently brush throughout the wig.

Note, never use a regular hair brush  on a wig! It is critical to just use styling tools that have been designed particularly for wigs, otherwise you risk damaging the wig.

As you fluff your wig with either your palms, a pick comb, or a wig brush, then you'll notice the wig will start to look fuller and take on the appearance of the design you want.

Before you place on your wig, you'll first need to prepare the hair.

  • In case you've got short hair, just brush it back and away from your face.
  • For longer hair, then pin it up by making horizontal pin curls from sections of your hair. Keep them dispersed evenly on your head to avoid bumps and lumps.
  • In case you've got little or no hair, you need to use wig cap to keep your wig secure.

But, wigs caps are recommended for anyone with hair, and may be employed to safeguard all lengths of hair. It's time to put the wig on your head.

Follow these simple measures to put your wig on:

  1. Hold the wig by the nape at where the label is. Tilt your head slightly forward. You'll be placing the wig on in a front to back motion.
  2. Position the front of the wig over your eyebrows, and slide the wig on as you'd out on a bathing cap.
  3. Push the front of the wig back till it rests slightly below the natural hairline.
  4. Center the wig by positioning the ear tabs on either side in front of your ears, never covering them.
  5. When the wig feels comfortable, tuck in any loose hairs.

And there you have it. This is how you put your wig on! Pretty simple right? Go ahead and try on your own, and let us know how it goes.

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