The Top 9 Wigs for Fall

in Sep 25, 2018

Alert the trick or treaters: our favorite season is f-i-n-a-l-l-y here!

It’s time put on a cute sweater, pull your knee-high boots out of the closet, and take the dog for a walk with a hot apple cider.

That’s right, fall is upon us (bye-bye, humidity!).

With the changing leaves, we’re ready to change up our hairstyles (and hair colors) in exchange for something crisper and more on trend with the season.

A little bit classic, a little bit modern, here’s our list of the most popular wigs this fall season.

Stay on trend and look on point this autumn, friends.


Bobbi Synthetic Wig by Envy

1) Blown Out Curls

Summer is all about relaxation.

Relaxing on the beach. Relaxing by the pool. Relaxing on vacation. Relaxing our smooth and polished winter hairstyles in favor of something low maintenance and undone.

Fall, on the other hand, is when we start thinking about getting our lives, and our hairstyles, back together.

That’s why if you favor piecey, beachy waves in the summer, soft, blown out curls are a great transitional look for fall.

You aren’t looking for tight ringlets with this style, but rather oversized, beautiful curls with some structure that still look soft and touchable.

To get the look, try the Bobbi by Envy. Because Bobbi is a synthetic wig, you’ll never have to worry about recurling your wig. Synthetic wigs have style memory, which means that after you wash and dry your wig, it will automatically go back to its original style.

No more burning yourself with a two-inch curling iron.

2) Middle Parts

For decades now, middle parts have taken a back seat to trendy deep side parts.

But just like all styles eventually do - anyone bought a new pair of high waisted jeans lately? - the middle part is making a comeback.

Middle parts first made a name for themselves in the 70s when women were looking for a fresh, crisp style that contrasted with the softer looks of their mother’s generation.

Rocking a middle part in 2018 will give you the same modern edge that it did back when your mother was wearing bell bottoms. Middle parts are refreshing and clean and offer a perfect style for school drop-offs, fall parties, and PTA meetings.

To get the look, try the Amanda by Jon Renau. Especially if you’ve been on the side part train for most of your life, Amanda is a good option because the longer locks soften the style.

Seville Synthetic Wig by Noriko

3) Grown Out Fringe

Bangs are a big time commitment.

That’s because bangs completely change the look of your face by creating angles and lines that define your face. Especially for women with round faces, bangs add dimension and depth.

Although bangs can enhance other face shapes, too, like square and oblong faces.

But sometimes bangs can be more work than they’re worth. Bangs sit directly on your forehead and may become greasy throughout the day.

A grown out fringe is a great way to try out bangs without worrying about the grease.

Grown out bangs sit on top of your hair, rather than on top of your forehead. That means no fiddling, fluffing, or dry shampooing throughout the day.

If you’re looking for a way to try out bangs without the upkeep, try a grown out fringe.

To get the look, try the Seville by Noriko. This wig has the classic grown-out-bangs-with-long-hair look that our favorite celebrities like Zooey Deschanel, Emma Stone, and Jennifer Lawrence have worn for years.

4) Curtain Bangs

Already love how you look with bangs and want to go all-in on the style? Test out a wig with curtain bangs.

Curtain bangs are cut straight across your forehead and fall directly on top of your eyebrows. For those of you looking to wait an extra week or two between eyebrow waxes, this one's for you.

Perfect for a sultry, mysterious style, curtain bangs draw all of the attention straight to your eyes. Don’t be afraid to try out darker eye makeup with this look to emphasize your eyes even more.

Another reason to try out curtain bangs? They cover your forehead, and any skin imperfections, completely.

If you suffer from adult acne or extremely dry skin in the winter, curtain bangs can hide dehydrated or inflamed skin. Otherwise, you would need to use makeup to cover your skin imperfections, which can damage your skin even further.

To get the look, try the Long With Layers by Hairdo. This wig is perfect for adding dimension to round faces because the bangs create a sharp angle at the top of your face and face-framing layers on the side.

Brittaney - Synthetic Wig Lace Front Mono Top by Envy

5) Vintage 1940’s Waves/S-Waves

Want to update your summer beach waves with something more prim and polished? Look for a wig with vintage 1940s waves (aka s-waves).

S-waves create one complete wave all the way around your head. The waves sit every couple of inches along your face, giving your face some shape.

Now before you go saying that this look is outdated, take a look at these pictures of celebrities wearing 1940s waves.

Still not convinced this old, new look isn’t modern and fresh? Try it out yourself.

To get the look, buy the Brittaney by Envy. The s-waves in this wig are designed to perfectly frame your face and offer dimension to round, oblong, and square faces.

6) Sleek and Slicked-Back

Sometimes you just need a look that you don’t have to worry about at (clap) all (clap).

Straight slicked back hair is a great low-maintenance hairstyle because it doesn’t require any upkeep throughout the day. Just brush the hair back, set it with some hairspray, and you’re good to go.

But because slicked back styles can look a bit harsh, even on women with enviable cheekbones and jawlines, we prefer a toned down version of the look.

Instead of going full-on wet-hair-out-of-the-shower slicked back, try a style that pulls your hair back off your hairline but isn’t pulled all the way to the back of your head.

To get the look, try the Isabelle by Henry Margu. This wig offers you just enough volume to counteract that stuck-to-your-head feeling and looks great lifted and pulled back.

Penelope XO - Synthetic Wig Mono Top by Amore

7) Tight Ringlets

There’s a reason hairdressers made out like gangbusters in the 80s: ringlets and curls are one of the most high maintenance looks in the business.

As soon as the curled natural hair starts growing out, even slightly, you have to get your hair re-curled. And if your hair has trouble holding a curl, you’ll need to get your hair re-curled more often than usual.

With a wig, you can take the high maintenance side effects out of the style by going for a synthetic wig with style memory.

Choose a medium length style if you’re going for a look with ringlets. Rather than looking all over the place, like with curled long hair, a medium haircut with ringlets looks refined and relaxed at the same time.

To get the look, try the Penelope XO by Amore. Penelope falls just above your shoulders, and looks especially great on women with oblong shaped faces because it adds crucial definition to your cheekbones, giving you a more structured face.

8) Back to Front Bobs

Let’s face it, sometimes a regular bob can look a little...basic.

Not that there’s anything wrong with basic! Special shoutout to all of our black vest and knee-high boot wearing, PSL drinking friends out there.

It’s just that sometimes we want to update our basic look and take it to the next level.

Enter: the back-to-front bob, aka an angular bob.

A back-to-front bob is shorter in the back and longer in the front, drawing the attention to your chin. Ladies with wide foreheads or heart-shaped face should try this look as it looks particularly great on them.

To get the look, try the Hailey by Noriko. This wig falls high enough off of your shoulders that you won’t have to worry about the ends of your hair flipping out and offers a softer version of the asymmetrical look a back-to-front bob.



Carrie Wig - Lace Front Mono Top by Jon Renau

9) Shag

Sometimes we need a casual, windswept fall look that will pair with all of the football games, apple orchards, and fall fairs we go to.

When that’s the case, look no further than a shag (style).

The shag is the combination of a lot of different styles: it’s a little bit rock ‘n’ roll, a little bit casual. A little bit pulled together, a little bit I-woke-up-like-this.

Shags typically have choppy ends, lots of piecey layers around the crown and your chin and shoulders, and lots and lots of texture.

To get the look, try the Carrie by Jon Renau. Because Carrie is a human hair wig. It will allow you to use all of the texturizing products you need - like volumizer and salt spray - to add piecey volume to your look.

Have a favorite fall look we didn’t mention? Tell us about it in the comments!

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