There is one sure way to achieve a natural look with a wig, and that is to choose one made from human hair.

Human hair wigs offer a natural look and feel. While they are more expensive, they are also more durable and can last three years with care.

Both human hair and synthetic hair have advantages and limitations. There are times when one might be the right choice over the other.

No matter the reason you choose to wear a wig, wearing them is just plain fun! It can be like putting on a totally different persona.

For now, we are looking at human hair wigs and the benefits of having one on hand.

A human hair wig will have the shine and movement that is natural and pretty.

Not only that, you can also choose from a dozen different colors that add some pizzazz.

When looking for a human hair wig choose Remy human hair, as that is a premium option. 

This is because the hair follicles are run in the same direction when the wig is crafted, giving it a very natural look and feel.

This also dramatically reduces tangling, and the hair looks and feels silkier. With human hair, you will need to care for it just as you would if you had grown it yourself.

Use products made for human hair to hydrate and condition. Use a professional stylist to get the look you want, or practice yourself with different styles.

Whichever way you decide to go, having a human hair wig will be a fun addition to your style repertoire.

Let's consider some of the best looks in a human hair wig.


Classic Styling Great for Any Occasion


The most popular human hair wig in the Ultimate Looks catalog, Angelina, is the ultimate look!

Estetica's Angelina is full-bodied, layered and long with Remy human hair. Hand-tied with a monofilament top, you will not have to style this beauty in just one direction.

The mono top looks real and gives you the ability to part the hair in any direction so that it will look natural no matter how you choose to wear this stylish wig.

Sweep the bangs to the side and sport a soft flip on the ends.

This wig is less than 7 ounces, so that you will hardly know you have it on!


Wind Swept Elegance


Sweeping to just below your shoulders, this gorgeous layered style by Jon Renau features Remy human hair. 

Luxurious and full, you will be able to do so many different styles with the Angie for any occasion. 

This wig allows you to part the hair in any direction. Pull the hair back in a chignon for understated elegance. 

Put in a side braid for the days you are feeling like running barefoot through the grass. 

This fashionable wig will work for times, both formal and casual. 

Over a dozen different colors to choose from, it will be hard to pick just one!


Perfect For The Boardroom or The Dance Floor 


Versatility is the name of the game when you are wearing the Carrie - Petite

Whether you have the ends in a sassy flip or a no-nonsense business style, this human hair wig will take you through whatever demands the day or night has in store for you. 

The Smart Lace front will make the wig undetectable, and give you off the face options as well. 

So much fun to wear, the Carrie is one of Jon Renau's most popular human hair wigs. 

Comfortable feeling and a natural appearance will make this bob one of your favorite go-to choices. 

You will be able to put this on right out of the box and take charge of your day!


Limitless Possibilities


Each strand of this Remy human hair wig is hand-tied. It will give you the natural movement and appearance of being your own hair. 

The Blake - Petite wig is long and luxurious to provide you with all sorts of possibilities. 

100% Remy human hair wig has a SmartLace front that gives you a natural hairline and lets you pull the hair back off your face. 

Sweep it back in a loose ponytail for running errands. Do a side part with a blinged out hair clip for an evening out with friends. 

Besides being soft and flowing, the Blake will make you feel as beautiful outside as you are inside!


Chic And Stylish For Everyday Wear


A classic look that never goes out of style, the short shag of the Sophia is a winner no matter your age. 

Sumptuous Remy human hair and SmartLace technology offer a believable, natural hairline for this short, pert cut. 

Casual and windswept at the same time, this style is just a little bit rebel. You can be sassy or sweet in this style. 

With a true to life shape, the Sophia will give you long-lasting comfort. Comfortable to wear , this style is flattering to most face structures. 

Blow-dry it, curl it or leave it straight; the Sophia will be ready for whatever you have on your agenda.


Great For The On The Go Gal


Perfect for on the go, this Estetica Design human hair lace front wig will help you out on those busy days when you meet yourself coming and going. 

Short and stunning, the Sabrina will help you get through your hectic day looking put together and in control, not flustered and flyaway.

Featuring a mono top and lace front, you will feel comfortable all day long. 

You will be able to put the Sabrina on and go about your day without giving your hair another thought. 

Perfect for busy people who want to look their best without the fuss on those hectic mornings!


We're Only Human, After All!

No matter the season and no matter the reason, being comfortable and confident in how you look generates confidence in your life. 

And we can all use any additional confidence that we can get. 

So place one of these beautiful confidence getters on your head and let the world know that you are a force to be reckoned with!

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