On-Trend: Gray Lace Front Wigs

in Jul 14, 2020

Gray hair is the on-trend look today and for all age groups. One of the advantages of gray hair is that it goes great with a variety of skin tones. 

It never looks harsh but adds glamor and appeal. Gray hair can also be used for a dramatic look. 

Actresses have been known to use their natural gray, or even dye their hair to achieve that look. Helen Mirren and Jamie Lee Curtis are two that come to mind. 

Most recently, Sharon Osbourne has gone gray and totally loves it. It makes her look even more sophisticated and elegant. 

Other notables who embrace gray hair are Glen Close, Kathy Bates, Paula Dean, singer Pink, and Dame Judy Dench. 

Linda Evans of Dynasty fame embraced her gray hair very early on in her life, and it always looked beautiful on her.

It would seem like growing gray would be easy, but it is actually not an easy process. 

Dying your hair tends to be difficult for stylists because there is not a dye for gray. It is a mixing and sharing of other shades to get the correct color. 

Because it is a mixture, the stylist must be extremely careful with measurements for future colorings, or you won't get the same color each time. 

Once your hair is colored, you need to use specialized shampoos to keep the color from fading or getting a brassiness to the shade of the dye. 

Those products need to be color-safe. Shampoos must be sulfate-free, and conditioners should be slightly color-depositing are the best to use. 

Those need to be alternated with sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to use in between cleanings. 

Colorists suggest that after having your hair dyed gray, it is beneficial to go to the salon for a toning every three to six weeks. 

So, while having gray hair is on-trend, there is an intensive upkeep routine that you will need to follow if you choose to color your hair. 

You would still like to embrace gray hair, but have second (and third!) thoughts about the hassle that goes along with coloring to get gray hair. 

And then what if you don't like having the constant routine of keeping up with it? 

There is a perfect solution! One that is flexible, affordable, and won't have you running to a salon every few weeks. 

With a lace front gray wig, you will have complete control over how you choose to do your hair. In today's world, hair is like an accessory. 

You can change your hair as often as you change your jewelry. You don't have to be stuck with one color or style.


Arya | Synthetic Wig (Lace Front)


 The Arya lace front wig by Tony of Beverly is styled in a classic bob. It has a beautifully layered bang and slightly angled nape. 

It's perfect for a shake and go style on days when you need a hassle-free solution to a busy schedule. 

The Rooted Blue Ice color is complementary to a variety of skin tones. Made with a natural hairline look lace front, you will be able to style your hair wavy from your face with this cute bob.


Zion | Synthetic Wig (Lace Front Traditional Cap)



Made by Noriko, the Zion is a medium length trendy-bob. It is a sleek style with shaggy ends, giving it an on-trend look. 

The angled bob provides a smooth, sleek silhouette. The lace front provides a realistic hairline. This wig moves naturally, just like real hair. 

A monofilament part adds to the realism. There are ear tabs that help you to position the wig once you get it on. 

Lightweight, this sporty wig has open wefts along the insides on the side of the back of the cap to make it easy and cool to wear. It looks cool, too!


Jon Renau Petite Gabrielle | Synthetic Wig (Lace Front Hand-Tied Monofilament)



This jaw-hugging short bob is the epitome of cuteness! It can go from casual to cosmopolitan in a sweep of the bangs. 

Hand-tied monofilament cap allows for natural movement of the hair, and the lace front provides a realistic hairline. 

The smart lace front is tied one by one and mimics natural hair. The synthetic fiber on this wig needs much less maintenance than either human hair or high-heat fibers. 

Ready-to-wear, this style is perfect for every day and would look as good with a tank top as it would with a string of pearls. 

A classic style that is charming for whatever occasion you wear it for!


Brady | Synthetic Wig Lace Front (Mono Top)



Think Jame Lee Curtis when you see the Brady lace front wig. It is that pert, feathered bob that she kept her hair in for so many years. 

It is a cut that never goes out of style. This short, feathered cut allows you to fingerstyle it for more height and volume. 

The beautiful gray will look both sophisticated and little sassy with this shag cut. The cap is designed to allow air through to keep you feeling cool the entire day. 

The lace front gives a natural hairline and looks like human hair. Perfect for a transition from daytime obligations to nighttime fun, this will be a go-to part of our daily routine.


Noriko Taylor | Synthetic Wig Lace Front ( Mono Top)



A face-framing long bob, the Taylor moves with you and looks natural. The temple to temple lace front and mono part create an invisible hairline and realistic part. 

Longer on the sides and shorter in the back, this makes for a dramatic and sharp angle effect that is a twist on the classic bob. 

Smooth, silky texture to the monofilaments gives the wig a natural movement. This wig is comfy and has a minimal amount of permatease for volume. 

A slightly darker root gives you a very natural and realistic appearance. Because of the length, you can do a top knot or clip to the side. Or throw in a side braid for fun and clip to the side.

Go Gray!

These lace front wigs in sophisticated shades of gray will enhance your lifestyle and boost your confidence. 

Get the on-trend color and style without the hassle and continued cost of visiting a salon. You will have control over your style and appearance to fit your active lifestyle.

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