Ready for the Holidays? Try On These Lovely Wig Hairstyles Now!

in Nov 30, 2020

The holidays are upon us, and it is time to think about holiday wigs for whatever occasion you might need to look stylish and festive for. 

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You are sure to be able to find just what you are looking for to spice up your look and make the holidays less stressful. 


Holidays Wigs Will Enhance Your Holiday Photos

The holidays are those times when you want to look especially lovely. You will pose for lots of photos, and you know those photos are shared with others far and wide. 

You see friends and relatives that you may not have seen in a long time, and it might be a while until you see them again. 

So, as always, you want to look your best so that you don't have to look back at holiday photos and cringe. Wearing a lovely wig will do that for you. 


There Is Never A Bad Hair Day With A Holiday Wig

You don't have to worry about the day of, if your hair is going to cooperate or not. 

The holidays are such busy times, anyway, that if you are wearing a holiday wig, that is one last big thing that you can have confidence in, knowing that you are looking your best.

We have compiled some lovely wigs that will be the perfect choice for the holidays from just a few that you will be able to choose from. 

From short hair to long, and from straight to a curly top, these holiday wigs will be ideal for keeping you on top of your hectic schedule.



Whimsy Hair Addition by Raquel Welch

This is a fun hair piece made up of soft curls whose addition is a creative way to add volume where it is needed. 

Easy to attach, just use the two pressure sensitive clips that are attached to the hairpiece to create a festive style or to add coverage. 

Intertwine a strand of holiday garland into the hairpiece to complete your holiday look. An astonishing 33 different colors to choose from. 

Select one that matches your natural hair, or add a punch of holiday color with a completely different, complimentary shade.



Human Hair Clip-In Bangs by Raquel Welch

There is no doubt that bangs can be a significant change to your hairstyle. They look young, fresh, and hip. 

But, if you tire of bangs, it seems to take forever to grow them back out again. With these human hair clip-in bangs, you can have the best of both worlds. 

You can have the fun, hip bangs for your holiday gatherings without having to actually sacrifice your hair by cutting it. 

Lightweight and easy to attach, you can wear these as bangs or as a filler on the top of your head. 

With fourteen beautiful colors to choose from, you are sure to find a match. 

Because these clip-in bangs are made from human hair, you can use heat styling appliances just as you would on your own hair.



Top This 16" HH | 100% Remy Human Hairpiece (Monofilament Base)

As you can see in the pictures above, this 100% Remy human hair piece can create the volume that you need for a more dramatic and upscale look. Wear it in an upsweep for a more formal holiday occasion, or pulled back and in a classy ponytail for a sophisticated yet upscale casual look. 

Just clip in the volumizer and style it to blend in with your natural hair. There are 17 different colors to choose from to compliment various skin tones. 

With 16 inches in length, this hair piece will give you all kinds of options for your holidays, both formal and casual.



Top Smart 18" | Synthetic Hair (Clip- in/Adhesive)

Sleek, smart, and provocative, this lace front topper is a full 18 inches, giving you a lot of hair to work with. 

The nine-inch base has six strategically placed clips to help distribute the weight of the topper evenly for your maximum comfort and natural look. 

If your bio hair is on the thin side or just want to add more volume, this Jon Renau will both cover and add volume without you having to wear a full wig. 

This topper will feel much like your own hair, and you can part the topper however you like. 

Choose from 31 colors, and maybe choose a color that stands out from your own for a dramatic look at the holidays.



Top Full 12" | Synthetic Hair (Clip-in)

This Joh Renau 12-inch topper is an elegant way to add length and volume over your entire crown. 

You will get the look of natural growth from the hand-tied double monofilament top. The folded swiss lace will give you a natural hairline look regardless of where you place it. 

Six pressure sensitive clips will help provide you with a secure and comfortable fit. 

This topper's smooth and sleek styling will be perfect for both daytime and nighttime festivities during the holiday season. You are sure to find the right color for you among the 23 choices.



Fringe Flair Top | Synthetic Hairpiece

Perfect for any holiday event, you can update your hairstyle with this sweeping asymmetrical fringe. 

This synthetic hair piece will frame your face along the hairline. You can have the look of bangs without having to cut your own hair. 

Three snap clips attach the piece to your own hair in minutes, blending in with your natural hair. 

You can have the updated look whenever you want it with this classy fringe. There are eleven different colors to choose from. 

This topper will help you to be ready in a flash for any and all of the holiday obligations coming up.



Top This 12" HH (Renau Colors) | 100% Remy Human Hairpiece (Monofilament Base)

With a flair for the dramatic, this 12-inch topper by Jon Renau will spice up your holiday gatherings.

 A lovely holiday wig, this easihair topper will give you the volume you need to create a fun and hip style. 

Because this topper is made from 100% human hair, you will be able to style it to blend seamlessly with your own hair. 

Choose from one of the nine different colors to create a striking statement during the holiday season.



Sky Hair Enhancer by Revlon

This Sky Hair enhancer by Revlon will be your go-to accessory during the hectic holiday season.

You will go from everyday to that added pizzaz that you want for special occasions. The enhancer will add volume, style, and color to your own hair. 

Pull your own hair through the holes in the topper to blend them together for a natural look. You can also create highlights by going for a frosted effect. 

This topper will give you a bit of a festive look that will add to your holiday events.


In Conclusion

The holidays can be busy and stressful. Not having to stress over your hair is a huge weight lifted.

Any of these lovely wigs will help make the holidays fun and cut down on your getting ready time. 

Think about getting more than one of these holiday wigs to be able to switch up your style and flair with ease.

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