How To Get These 7 Chic Hairstyles For Winter

in Oct 29, 2020

With winter approaching, it is a fun season to try different chic hairstyles to see what new look you can come up with! 

Gone are the hot and humid days that can send any hairstyle into one big ball of frizz. 

There also is no need to worry about the heat plastering your hair to the top of your head and the back of your neck. 

Fall and winter are the perfect times to try chic styles that would have wilted in the summer sun.

We are going to start with some hairstyles for winter that involve long hair. 

It seems like there is so much that you can do with long hair, but medium and short styles can be very chic, too. 

Long hair can give you additional opportunities around the holiday to add playful touches like various color extensions, or festive strands of sparkling ribbon.

Here are some suggestions for 7 chic hairstyles for winter: 


Foxy Hairpiece  Foxy Synthetic Hairpiece 


Pull back your hair into an extra-long wavy ponytail. Pull all of your hair back sleek from your forehead and on the sides. Put curls in the lower three-quarters of the ponytail for a fun and sassy look!



Long Wave Pony

23" Long Wave Pony Hairpiece | Heat Friendly Synthetic Wrap-Around


Everyone likes to have chic hair, and this luxurious ponytail achieves that! Easy to do, just gather your hair on the top of your head. Use some of your hair to wind around the ponytail base to cover the elastic you used to hold your hair in place. Or wrap a festive or colorful ribbon or piece of fabric around for a splash of color. Add the soft waves to the rest of the ponytail for a very chic look!



Color Splash Color Splash Pony Hairpiece


Especially fun around the holidays, go for a smooth, chic look that includes a river of color cascading down your shoulder. Smooth your hair to the side and gather the ponytail off-center and behind one of your ears. Drape your hair over your shoulder and add some color with extensions or be bold and use a temporary dye.


Long Hair In a Medium, Chic Style  

It is often either up or down with long hair, but we have found two chic hairstyles that meet in the middle. These next two styles give long hair a medium length and look great while doing so. Not only that, they are easy to do, which is always a bonus!


Shift Clip OnShift Clip-On | Synthetic Hairpiece


Create this sultry look easily with side-swept long bangs on the side with a soft swirl. Bring your ponytail up higher on the back of your head to bring it up level with the top of your head. Put soft curls in the ponytail to cascade down the lower half.



Fringe Clip OnFringe Clip-On | Synthetic Hairpiece


Another chic variation, is to create the same style, but instead of the soft curl, use a smoother touch, which elongates the ponytail slightly. A fun and flirty way to wear your hair up! Although  these two  hairstyles start out the same way, both styles look very different from each other!


Sienna Hair Sienna Remy Human Hair Wig


Long, straight tresses that are layered to frame the face, along with a curtain of bangs, creates this chic and stylish look. Sleek yet sophisticated, this style will also look fantastic for those cold winter days when you need a hat!



Rylie SyntheticRylee Synthetic Wig


Looking just slightly wind-swept, this chic, layer look is as appropriate during the day as it is for a night on the town. Classic and interest-grabbing, this hairstyle is never dull!


How To Care For Your Hair In The Winter

While summer weather can sometimes take a toll on your hair, winter can also be harsh on your hair, no matter your hair texture or type. 

Your hair can suffer from cold, whipping winds, indoor heat, and static electricity.

Here are some of the things that you can do to protect your hair from winter harshness.


Wear a Hat

When you cover your hair in the winter, you shield it from the dry air that can take the moisture from your hair and leave it dry and lifeless. 

While you may not want to subject your hair to "hat hair," it is more prone to breakage when your hair dries out. 

It is best to cover your hat with a bright and dazzling hat. Choose a hat with a lining of silk or satin. 

The lining will help to prevent your hair from damage and protect your hairstyle at the same time.


Dry Air Can Cause Damage

The air in the wintertime is especially dry. This can cause your skin to flake, your sinus to dry out, and your hair to become dry and lifeless. 

If you don't have a humidifier on your furnace, get a room-size humidifier and use it in the room you spend most of your time in. 

Not only will a humidifier put moisture back in the air, but it will also help prevent dry skin and rehydrate your hair.


Prevent Split Ends

You can help prevent split ends by getting a small amount, about a half-inch, trimmed off your hair every six to eight weeks. 

This keeps split ends from developing and keeps your hair healthier by removing the hair that might break. 

When you allow split ends to stay on your hair strands, it continues to split and makes it difficult to grow the length of your hair.


Avoid Steamy Showers

In the winter, a hot, steamy shower can help to warm you up from being cold. Unfortunately, in the wintertime, a hot shower can rob your hair of needed moisture. 

That can make your hair brittle and prone to breaking. So do your hair a favor and turn the temperature down a bit.


Let Your Hair Air Dry

Once again, blow-drying is another way that your hair gets robbed of moisture in the winter. 

If possible, let your hair dry naturally or limit the amount of time you spend blow-drying. Try turning the heat on the dryer down to a cool setting too. 

Straightening and curling your hair in the winter months will also tend to damage it. Instead, try braiding, messy buns, or twists. 

Avoid frequent hair washing, but try washing your hair every other shower rather than every shower.


Use an Oil Treatment or Deep Conditioner

Help restore moisture to your hair with an oil-based treatment. There are light-weight products on the market (like those with argan oil) that will help to revitalize dry hair. 

You can apply this to the ends of your hair daily to protect your hair.

Once a week, use a leave-in conditioner to alleviate the effects of indoor heat, winter winds, and styling tools. 

Keeping your hair hydrated will also help keep static electricity and those little electric pokes that are so fun to get.


In Conclusion

Winter is a great time to try out new, chic hairstyles. The holidays are coming and you will have the opportunity to do something festive and different.

Keep your hair hydrated and experiment with something chic and different this winter season!

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