Parties, Halloween, Conventions, Oh my! Costumes Wigs for Every Occasion

in Mar 6, 2018

Costume Wigs For Every Look

Silver Costume Party Mask

Shopping for everyday wigs is fun.

Shopping for costume wigs is an adventure.

With a costume wig, you can transform into anyone: a Charlie’s Angel, Wonder Woman, Moana, Princess Elsa...the possibilities are endless.

Need some costume inspiration for your next party? We put together a list of costumes - from mysterious and foxy to exciting and just a little risque - we’ve got ideas for whomever you want to be at your next costume party.

Pin-Up Girls

Marilyn, Joan, Betty, Jessica Rabbit...Pin-Up costumes are classic for a reason. No matter which starlet you’re trying to emulate, they all embody charm, confidence, and glamour.

Pull some high-waisted shorts out of your closet, thrift a sweetheart-cut top, steal your husband’s bandana, pull your brightest lipstick out of the drawer, and put on the Pin-Up Costume Wig by Jon Renau for a timeless ensemble.


80s Rocker Chick Leather Jacket

80s/90s Rocker Chick

Get ready to rock out on your guitar (or rock out to Guitar Hero, if you’re anything like us). Rocker Chick looks are some of the quickest to put together if you’re short on time. All of the essentials are already in your closet.

Smokey black eyeliner, a leather jacket, converse sneakers or combat boots, and a t-shirt you’re willing to take some scissors to is all you’ll need.

For this costume, you’ll want to have messy, voluminous hair in a loud color. The Obsession Wig from Incognito has the perfect amount of volume in lots of fun colors (we like Cinnamon Twist and Peppermint Twist).



Who’s your favorite superhero - Catwoman, Storm, Black Widow, or Wonder Woman?

No matter who you choose, the best way to pull together your superhero costume is with a great wig.  

Planning to channel your inner Diana Prince and strap a golden lasso to your costume? Go for the Vixen Wig by Incognito in Black.

Already have a long-sleeved black bodysuit in your closet? Pick up the Ceres by Tony of Beverly in Vanilla for a Michelle Pfeiffer inspired look, or the Acclaim by Gabor in Dark Chocolate if Halle Berry is your spirit animal.



Do you ever wonder if life really is all bubbles with no troubles under the sea? We do.

Change into a cute purple bikini top, pair it with a long green skirt or pants, and wear a wig with long red curls. We like the Goddess Wig by Incognito Wigs in Ginger or Red Cherry.

If you choose this look, beware. You’ll probably incite a spontaneous sign-a-long side-party (or two).



For those of you who were wondering if there was an occasion or holiday coming up that would give you the opportunity to dress up as a princess, you’re in luck!

World Princess Day is on April 23rd.

Do us a favor and notify all the daughters, nieces, granddaughters, goddaughters, and other adorable little girls of the world?

Once you’ve told everyone you know about World Princess Day (thanks, everyone!), you’re going to need a gorgeous updo. The Swirly Twist Around by Tony of Beverly, the Glam Hair Wrap by Revlon, and the Ballerina Bun by Revlon are all perfect pieces to complete your princess look.

And, yes, we also think the Swirly Twist Around is a silly name for a hairpiece. That doesn’t mean we don’t think it’ll look great with our Princess Elsa costume, however.

No matter what dress-up look you’re going for, remember to have fun! The most important part of any costume is a big smile. Or, if you’re Catwoman, a big smirk.

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