The Top 5 Celebrities Who LOVE Wearing Wigs

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There’s a list of topics you aren’t supposed to talk about in public: politics, religion, money, and wigs.

Yes, wigs.

Over 50% of people in America wear some type of wig or hair extension. That number jumps to over 90% among celebrities.

Yet, for some reason, wearing a wig is still stigmatized. More than half of us are wearing a wig...but we still aren’t allowed to talk about it.

Here at Ultimate Looks, we would like to change the conversation - or lack thereof - about wigs. That’s why we put together this list of celebrities who have no shame talking about their wigs and extensions.


Keira Knightley

Keira has been particularly outspoken about her experiences with hair loss. An unfortunate combination of stress, dieting, and dyeing her hair “virtually every color imaginable” lead to Keira losing a significant portion of her hair.

To maintain the hair she had left Keira started wearing wigs seven years ago. By choosing breathable, hand-tied wig caps and limiting her wig wearing to events and on-screen, Keira was able to grow back much of her natural hair.

If you’re experiencing hair loss because of similar symptoms, choosing a breathable, hand-tied or lace cap is critical. These types of caps will allow your hair to grow back underneath your wig, rather than stunting its growth.


Selena Gomez

Selena is well known for switching up her look often. From long to short, from bleach blonde to dark brown, her look is always evolving. That’s why it’s no surprise that Ms. Gomez relies on wigs and extensions to fill out her overworked hair.

Unlike some other celebrities, Selena doesn’t only go for waist-length extensions to give her hair volume. She uses short, medium and long extensions depending on the look she’s aiming for.



(Queen) Beyonce

Bey is the Queen of many things...singing, dancing, Instagram, fabulous outfits and - wait for it - lace front wigs.

Beyonce is so well known for her love of lace front wigs that some brands have even designed wigs to replicate her long, luscious locks.


Jennifer Lopez

Another triple threat known for wig and extension addiction is Jennifer Lopez. She often wears waist-length extensions to give her hair fullness or choosing shorter bob-length wigs when she wants a different look altogether.

Jennifer even had the misfortune of having her weave fall off during a performance. Should have read our guide to Putting on a Wig, JLo...


Angelina Jolie

Last, but definitely not least, on our list is Oscar winner, activist, and mother of six the gorgeous Angelina Jolie.

Like Keira, Angelina has spoken out about her struggles with hair loss. Her hair has contended with various dye jobs, daily curling sessions, and chemical straightening. She is well known for putting on a wig or adding extensions to fill out a look.


Whether you’re just looking to fill out your hair with a topper or extensions, or you want to cover up significant hair loss with a wig, we want you to know there’s no shame.

If Bey says it's okay to talk about wearing wigs, we think it's okay, too.

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