How to Choose a Wig Before Chemotherapy Treatment

in Jan 4, 2018

When to Buy Your Pre-Chemo Wig

Chemotherapy is one of the most challenging experiences anyone can face. But not everything about the process needs to be a complex challenge. For example, there are some virtually effortless things you can do to help you get through the process. Specifically, you have some fantastic options to address the hair loss that frequently results from aggressive chemotherapy treatments. Wigs represent one of the easiest methods of dealing with chemotherapy-induced hair loss. It’s not just a matter of ease though, wigs deliver the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to the look you’ve always wanted. With that said, it’s important to note that it’s ideal to buy a wig before you even start your chemotherapy sessions.

Of course, cancer patients have an immense amount on their minds, so it’s quite natural to not consider wigs until after hair loss begins. But researching and buying your wig before you begin treatment has some significant benefits.

Some might choose not to think about wigs when they first learn they’ll need to undergo chemotherapy treatments because they’re suddenly faced with so many new issues to handle. However, many other issues are certain to come up once treatment starts such as new diet and physical therapy regimens. Therefore, it’s helpful to research and buy your wig before you start treatments, so it’s one less thing you’ll need to take care of later. In addition, chemotherapy can cause a drastic reduction in energy levels. Despite the immense benefits of finding the perfect wig for your particular desires, it might be the last thing you have the capacity to handle once you’re deep into treatment and feeling lethargic.

Another major reason why it’s a good idea to research your wig purchase before you start your chemotherapy treatments is that your health insurance policy might actually cover your wig purchase. To verify whether your wig is covered, you’ll want to call your health insurance company directly and have a representative answer your specific questions.

All health insurance companies require a prescription from your oncologist. Therefore, you’ll need to make sure you have that on hand so you can send a copy to your insurance provider. Make sure to never send the original since you may need to provide proof again further along in the process, or if you find you’ll need to make a separate wig purchase later. In addition, health insurance companies are very particular about the exact language and terms used. For example, many companies require the prescription to specifically say "hair prosthesis" in order to offer coverage. That’s because there are virtually endless types of wigs, with many different small and large differences. Health insurance companies don’t want to pay for the types of wigs that can be perceived as overtly glamorous or what they would consider to be excessive.

By confirming with your health insurance company first, they’ll be able to give you specific instructions on what type of wig will qualify for coverage. If you buy a wig before you talk to them, you might end up getting a wig not covered by your insurance.

Finally, buying a wig before chemotherapy means you’ll have one ready to wear as soon as you need. Hair loss varies significantly from one patient to the next, and it’s hard to predict how long before it starts falling out. With a wig ready to wear, you don’t need to worry about that.

Just remember, wig or no wig, you are beautiful. You are strong. You can do this.

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