Costume Ideas: Party Wigs

in Jan 5, 2018

Costume Ideas - Party Wigs

With less than a month to go until Halloween is here, there isn’t much time to brainstorm what this year’s costume is going to be. If you are planning to go the creative route and put together a costume on your own, then look no further than Ultimate Looks. We are the one-stop shop for women’s wigs, including party and costume wigs.

Halloween is one of the only times in the year that people let loose and dress up to channel a character they have aspired to be for a long time. The most popular and creative adult costume ideas usually stem from iconic movie characters or celebrities that have made a social impact within the year. Ultimate Looks has the best wigs to buy for costumes that come in a variety of colors and styles to complete any Halloween costume.

Deciding on the perfect costume is a hard decision to make. There is a costume contest prize at stake, and you have to bring your A-game, but how are you going to top last year’s costume? Read further for a few fun costume ideas and be sure to shop our costume and party wigs to get into full character.

  • Pin-up Girl: Pin-up models go back as far as the 1800s but became a staple in America’s pop culture during WWII. The perfect amount of a risqué and flirtatious vibe, pin-up girls are a fun and classy Halloween costume for women. Our pin-up costume wig is exactly what you would need to achieve the rockabilly, all-natural American sweetheart look to win over the adoration of the costume contest judges.
  • Rocker Chick: Transforming yourself into a hard-rock or a punk-rock chick that knows how to shred on the guitar is a costume idea that is sure to be one-of-a-kind. Find an old distressed t-shirt, add a few extra rips and tears to give it a grunge look. Pair that with torn jean shorts and black tights or leggings, your choice of black boots, and finalize your costume with the Obsession Wig. This wig comes in natural hair colors and the perfect hard rock color combinations, like Licorice Twist, Vanilla Twist, and Berry Twist. Be sure to strap a guitar across your shoulders, and you will be easily mistaken for a real rocker chick that’s about to put on an epic concert.
  • Wonder Woman™: With the release of the highly anticipated and successful Wonder Woman™ movie this year, the costume will be a major hit at every party. The Vixen Wig in espresso is the perfect style to transform into Diana Prince.
  • Mermaid: The trends in 2017 have been full of mythical creatures spanning from magical unicorns to beautiful mermaids. Girls all over the country are obsessing over the pink, turquoise, and blue pastel colors that mermaids are believed to have. So much so, they are taking more extreme measures and changing their hair color to mimic mermaid hair. If you aren’t willing to make such a drastic change, an alternative option is to purchase a wig for the sake of the costume. The Ecstasy Wig in deep purple or electric blue is the perfect wig that truly defines the entire mermaid costume. Mermaid leggings are a thing these days and can be easily purchased online and worn with a colorful top.


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