8 Common Myths About Wigs - DEBUNKED!

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8 Common Myths About Wigs - DEBUNKED!

Upstage Synthetic Wig Raquel Welch

With all the myths about wigs circling the internet - wigs look fake, wigs fall off too easily, wigs are too expensive - it’s no wonder wigs can get a bad rap.

However, despite all the rumors, wigs are one of the most natural-looking hair loss solutions. Not only that, but wigs are the perfect non-committal solution for trying out new hairstyles before making any permanent changes to your natural hair.

Today we are tackling the 8 most common myths about wigs and figuring out whether they’re fact or fiction.


1) Everyone Will Know I’m Wearing a Wig


Of all the wig myths out there, this one is the most common.

It’s also the least true.

Google your favorite celebrity, like Gwyneth Paltrow or Keira Knightley, and take a look at the photographs of them when they wanted to be photographed - like when they’re at a Hollywood premiere - and photographs of them when they didn’t want to be photographed - like when they’re going grocery shopping.

Did you notice a difference between their hair from one photo to the next?

That’s because Gwyneth and Keira have both experienced hair loss. Both women wear wigs to events, and they never look fake.

They look glamorous.

Today’s wigs are designed to look completely natural and healthy, so don’t worry about whether people can tell if you’re wearing a wig because they almost definitely can’t.



2) Styling and Caring for Wigs is Too Hard


Trying anything for the first time, whether it’s executing the perfect at-home blowout or putting on a wig, will have its challenges. But that’s okay because messing up is part of the learning process.

The same is true for wig maintenance and styling.

With practice, you can become as adept at styling and caring for your wigs as your favorite stylist. Just don’t expect to be an expert right away.

Need help getting started? Read our Wig Maintenance Guide.


3) My Head is Too Big/Too Small for a Wig


Finding a wig that fits properly is the same as finding a dress that fits: you need to know your right size.

When a dress fits properly it feels comfortable, looks beautiful, and accentuates your natural features. The same is true with wigs.

To figure out your wig size, you need to take specific measurements of your head.

Grab a friend to help and use the instructions in our First Time Wig Buyer’s Guide to figure out your size.


4) Buying a Wig Means You’re Stuck with One Hairstyle


This myth isn’t true for three reasons.

Reason #1 Remember what we said earlier about how practicing wig maintenance and wig styling will eventually turn you into a wig expert? Learning how to style a wig will help you transform your wig into a number of different styles, too.

If you’re planning on styling your wig with heating tools, be sure to buy a human hair wig or a heat friendly synthetic wig.

Traditional synthetic wigs are NOT heat resistant and will melt if you use hair dryers or other heating tools on them.

Reason #2 You aren’t going to be stuck with the same wig forever.

All wigs deteriorate/wear out over time. If you’re wearing your wig every day, a synthetic wig will wear out in about 4 - 6 months and a human hair wig will wear out within a year.

If you’re still planning on wearing wigs after that period is over, you can change up your style when you buy a new wig.

Want to rotate your styles on a more regular basis? Invest in a couple of less expensive synthetic wigs to try out new styles.

Reason #3 Wigs are designed to be versatile.

Monofilament cap wigs and lace front wigs were created to look incredibly natural and can be styled in a nearly infinite number of ways.

The part of a monofilament cap wig can be changed, and a lace front wig can be pulled back off of your head into a ponytail because the hairline is so natural looking.

Before you buy a wig think about what style or styles you want, and determine how many and what types of styles you want to achieve.


Top Perfect Topper - Eva Gabor

5) My Wig Will Blow Off in the Wind or Fall Off When I Bend Over


Wigs that don’t stay where they should are always an easy laugh in a lot of movies.

A character, usually a male comedian dressed up as a woman, wears a wig to try and convince Sally Fields he should become the nanny to her/their children. At some point, the wig falls off, and the woman finds out that the man is actually her ex-husband.

(Sorry, did we say ‘in a lot of movies’? We actually just meant in Mrs. Doubtfire…)

But here’s the thing, a properly fitted wig should never fall off.

On the other hand, a wig that’s too snug could pop off, and a wig that’s too loose could slide off.

As long as you’ve been properly sized, your wig should never fall off. Most wigs even have adjustable straps that can help you size your wig up and down an inch or two.

If you’d like a little extra insurance that your wig will stay where you want it to, try using wig tape or a gel wig headband.

Both products will help your wig stay securely in place. If you still have existing hair underneath your wig, you could also use toupee clips and bobby pins to keep your wig in place.


6) Wearing a Wig Everyday Will Stunt Hair Loss & Damage Skin


If you’re someone who has experienced hair loss because of chemotherapy treatments, it’s not uncommon to worry about whether or not a wig will inhibit your natural hairs’ regrowth.

Fortunately, that’s just not true.

Hair cells will grow regardless of whether or not you cover them with a wig, scarf, or even a hat.

However, we should not that doesn’t mean your wig won’t cause damage to the skin underneath your wig.

To prevent skin damage, make sure to clean and moisturize your scalp every day. Wearing a wig cap is also a great way to protect the skin underneath your wig.


7) Human Hair Wigs ALWAYS Look Better Than Synthetic Wigs


This is another big myth in the world of wigs.

Many women worry that a synthetic wig will look “synthetic.”

While that may have been true for the synthetic wigs of our mother’s generation, today’s synthetic wigs are much more sophisticated.

Modern synthetic wigs are made with high-tech wig fibers that hold up over time and look natural.

Unless you’re buying an extremely cheap synthetic wig - a wig that costs less than $50 - your wig shouldn’t develop that unnatural shininess that the synthetic wigs of yesteryear used to have.


Raquel Welch Clip-In Extensions

8) Wigs are Only For Cancer Patients or Older Women


Not only are young celebrities wearing wigs these days, but your daughter or granddaughter might even be wearing some kind of faux hair product with your knowing it.

Teenagers and young women in the 21st century wear toppers, extensions, and even weaves for thicker, more voluminous looks.

If the kids are doing it, why should you worry about whether or not you’re wearing a wig?

Start thinking of your wig as a leaving-the-house-essential rather than something to be ashamed of wearing.

No shirt. No shoes. No wig. No going out.


Check out our posts on How to Store Wigs and 2018 Hair Trends for more insider information on wigs.



  • Alexis Powell : July 23, 2018

    I wear hair toppers and wigs all the time since my cancer over twenty years ago , even my hairdresser can’t
    believe my hair is not my natural hair .
    I speak to many cancer survivor groups while removing my hair ,eyelashes as an example of what you can
    do to restore your look and be more comfortable..
    Most importantly to remind these amazing women we are not our missing body parts or our hair ,eyebrows eyelashes .
    Wigs and hairpieces make our lives easier cancer survivor or not , and they have really improved in the twenty something years I have used them !

  • Gloria C, Bray: July 18, 2018

    You are so right about getting the correct size wig.

    I occasionally wear them now, but I did regularly for years and they are wonderful; especially for emergencies.

    Also you don’t have to worry about getting your hair colored!

    I prefer medium length wigs and not a lot of hair.

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