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How to Choose a Wig That Makes You Look Younger

Magazines and beauty websites have been selling us the same story for years…

  • It’s time to switch up your look!
  • Find a fresh style!
  • Become a new you!

We’re told that change is good, but the thing is, we all love to play favorites.

We have favorite colors, dresses, shoes, purses, and, yes, favorite hairstyles.

Our favorites are our favorites for a reason; it’s because we know our favorite styles look good on us.

But what most of us don’t know is that there comes a time in every woman’s life when our favorite hairstyle goes from perfect-for-our-faces to aging-us-dramatically.

Yep, that wig you’ve been rocking for the past is probably making you look older than your age these days.

As we age, our faces change. They get thinner or rounder, more wrinkled or droopy, and our complexion loses the dewiness of youth.

Every decade we get an entirely new face. Which means that a haircut that looked great on you in your twenties, probably won’t look so good in your thirties or forties.

In fact, a hairstyle that looks great on a twenty-year-old face might make a forty-year-old face look sixty.

From tired, faded hair colors to hairdos that are a little too age appropriate, there are several ways that your hair could be making you look older. The best way to turn back the hands of time - without spending hundreds on botox - is to find a new hairdo.

Whether it’s a fresh, fun new cut, seductive bangs, or a totally new updo, here’s what you should (and shouldn’t) be doing with your look as you get older.



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Why Your Hairstyle Might Be Aging You

There are lots of things different things you could be doing with your hair that are aging you up.

Here are the top six mistakes women make with their hair that ages them.

1. Your hair is too long

We know, we know, you love your long hair.

With long hair, you can create gorgeous updos or wear loose, luscious curls. And all of that’s great if long hair is appropriate for your age.

We think of long hair as a symbol of youth, but long hair can age older women.

Think about it like this…

If you saw a 50-year-old woman in a mini skirt, you might think that woman is trying to “act young” and assume she’s older than 50. However, if that same woman were wearing a pair of slim fit jeans, you might think she’s younger than fifty.

It’s important to match your hairstyle to your age bracket because a “young” style can make people think you’re older than you are.

2. Your hair is too short

There’s a reason hairstylists call some haircuts, “Can I speak to your manager?” bobs.

Certain shorter hairstyles are associated with being middle-aged or elderly, so if you want to avoid aging up your look, you should avoid those styles.

But if you love a style associated with age, you can still wear it. Just be sure to pick a wig that’s a few inches longer than the standard style.

If you want a pixie, get a drown out, shaggy pixie. If you want a chin length bob, opt for a shoulder-length bob instead.

Those few extra inches will make your hair look just different enough to seem fresh and young.

Brooklyn - Synthetic Wig - Henry Margu

3. Your hairstyle is too trendy

You know those older women you see with caked on foundation or fire engine red hair? They never, ever look good (so if this you, friends, step away from the box dye).

Uber trendy haircuts have the same effect as too much foundation or overly vibrant hair color. Anything that’s too modern can take your look from age appropriate to older-than-your-years.

Avoid seasonal styles and find a classic hairstyle that looks good with your face shape.

4. You don’t know how to take care of gray hair

If you’ve decided to embrace your natural transition to gray and seek out a gray wig, good for you! Confidently embracing a grayer hair color is 100x better than wearing a brighter color that doesn’t look natural.

But just because you’re embracing graying locks, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to take care of them.

Just like our teeth, gray hair - synthetic and human - can yellow.

To avoid yellowing gray wig hair, choose a shampoo and conditioner with blue or purple undertones. The violet and blue will neutralize any yellow and make your hair shinier and lustrous.

5. You won’t lighten up

Been rocking jet-black, nevermore hair since birth? It might be time to move on.

No matter what your natural skin tone is, it will lighten as you age. If you keep the same hair color as you get older, the deep hair color will make you look even paler, emphasizing your wrinkles and dark spots.

Transition to shade that’s two or three shades lighter than your old color. No one will notice that you’ve changed your hair color, but suddenly you’ll have a more beautiful complexion.

(Ina Garten voice): How great is that?

6. You won’t go dark

If you have medium or dark skin and favor brunette colored wigs, or fair skin and favor blonde hair colors, you could be aging yourself with your hair color.

When our hair is the same color as our skin, we look washed out, making all of our imperfections - wrinkles, dark spots, redness, or dryness - more apparent.

If your skin is the same color as your hair, add some dark espresso or caramel lowlights to give your look contrast.



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Hairstyles That Off DECADES (& the Wigs to Get the Look)

Now that you know how to age yourself with your hair, we can talk about how to use hairstyles to make you look younger.


1. The 2 S’s: Straight & Shiny

When we get older, one of the first things we lose is dewy, glowing skin.

That’s because as we age, things tend to dry out: our skin, our eyes, and our hair.

That’s why dry, lank hair tells the world that you’re getting older.

Give your wig some luster with a shine spray or leave-in conditioner to make sure your wig stays shiny and soft. Pair that soft, shiny hair with a straight hairdo and you can take decades off your face.

Women with heart, oval, or oblong faces should style this look with deep side parts, and women with round or square faces should style it with a center part.

Best Wigs For the Look

- Karlie by Jon Renau

- Simply Flawless by Gabor

2. The 3 S’s: Soft, Side Swept Bangs

Bangs are a great way to make you look younger and fresh, but you need to be very careful with them.

How come? Because there are dozens of ways to get bangs wrong.

If you’ve celebrated your 40th birthday, you should avoid baby bangs, blunt bangs, pixie bangs, eye-grazing choppy bangs, or asymmetrical bangs. All of those styles scream: I’m trying to look younger!

To use bangs to turn the clock back, try parted bangs or side swept bangs. They add a touch of softness to your face, which is especially important for older faces that tend to thin out over time.

Best Wigs For the Look

- Seville by Noriko

- EasiFringe HD Clip-In Bangs by Jon Renau

3. Face-Framing Highlights or Lowlights

Adding color to a hairstyle can be nerve-racking.

We’re afraid that if we switch up our hair color, people will ask, “Did you do something to your hair?”.

And if you’re already worried about whether or not people can tell if you’re wearing a wig, drawing even more attention to your ‘do by changing up the color can be extra anxiety-inducing.

But we should all learn to be less afraid of color because adding just a little bit can take years off of your look.

By adding some color around your face - like caramel lowlights or golden highlights - you create a brightening “halo” around your face.

Just make sure that whichever you choose - highlights or lowlights - you choose a color that’s at least three shades lighter or darker than your skin tone. You’re trying to accentuate your features, not wash them out.

Best Wigs for the Look

- Brooklyn by Henry Margu in 31H

- Fashion Staple by Gabor in GL27-29

Short & Sleek - Heat-Friendly Synthetic Wig - Hairdo

4. Long, Layered Pixies

More likely than not, at some point, you’re going to wonder: would I look good with a pixie cut?

And it’s not just because we see stylish pixies on our favorite celebrities. It’s also because we know that pixies require a lot less upkeep than long locks.

But a short pixie can look harsh on older, thinner, angular faces, so you want to find a wig with a “long” pixie cut.

Look for a pixie that has long layers that blend to create a more youthful style. You want soft, angled layers - not blunt sharp ones - that frame your face.

Best Wigs for the Look

- Short & Sleek by Hairdo

- Tiana XO by Amore

5. Textured Bobs

We get it. For some women, long hair is too much of an ask. Long hair requires a lot of maintenance, and not everyone is willing to put in the time.

That’s why a wavy bobby is the perfect solution if you don’t want short hair but aren’t willing to go long. Relaxed waves add a youthful edge to a bob, too, because volume and movement make you look younger.

Ideally, it would be best if you looked for a synthetic wig with style memory so that you don’t have to retexturize and style your wig every single time you wash or wear it.

Best Wigs for the Look

- Soft and Subtle by Gabor

- Danielle by Henry Margu

6. Cropped Bobs

Are you one of those lucky women aged into a chiseled jawline?

First, congratulations! You won the jackpot.

Second, consider going for a cropped bob with choppy layers that accentuates your jawline.

To achieve this style, you want a wig that is shorter in the back and longer in the front (basically, you want the opposite of the 90s mullet - the party belongs in the front). This will bring people’s eyes to the front of your face, which is what you want.

Make sure you have some layers around your cheekbones, too.

Best Wigs for the Look

- Sleek & Chic by Hairdo

- Dare to Flair by Gabor

Tatum - Synthetic Wig Mono Top - Amore

7. Layered, Collarbone Length Lobs

Let’s just say it: shoulder length hair looks great on everyone, no matter what your age is and will almost never age you up.

For a true age-defying look, go for a tousled, slightly wavy style that falls just below your collarbones. Make sure you choose a wig with longer layers, but none that go higher than your jawline.

Best Wigs for the Look

- Top Notch Hair Addition by Jon Renau

- Tatum by Amore

Looking for a fresh ‘do and want some more style inspiration? Check out Pretty Fall Hairstyle Trends or look at our Pinterest.

Found a new style that takes years off of your look? Tell us about it in the comments!

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