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The 6 Winter Hairstyles We’re Seeing EVERYWHERE

Your local weatherman may not be able to tell the temperature...but we can.

This month’s forecast? Downright frosty.

That means it’s time to put away the beach towels, retire your denim shorts, and give your hairstyle a winter refresh. Something that goes with all the coats, cashmere, and circle scarves you’ll be wearing this season.

We’ve talked to our favorite hair experts about the biggest hair trends this holiday season and come up with a list of 6 styles that will take your look from tired to merry and bright.

1. Draw the Curtain Bangs

We know, we know.

Just like that friend on Facebook who keeps trying to get you to buy that a-m-a-z-i-n-g moisturizer you’re never going to buy, we’ve tried to convince you to wear bangs a few too many times.

But hear us out: curtain bangs are everywhere this season and for a good reason.

Winter is windy, and that means those glossy, straight, picture perfect styles you see on TV aren’t going to stay glossy, straight, and picture perfect when you step outside. That’s why you should lean into a softer, more manageable style that looks great whether your hair is polished or windblown.

Curtain bangs are great for all face shapes because they soften harsh angles and add dimension to rounder faces.

You can part curtain bangs in the center of your forehead or to one side, just make sure you go for a lace or 100% hand-tied wig if you’re going to play around with your part’s placement. Otherwise, you’ll be able to see the wig cap under your wig.

To get the look…

With a wig: Elisha


2. Bob for Bobs

Yes, the bob is still in.


Because styles always circle back around (except hair gel, we are never ever getting back together with hair gel), and the bob comes back quickest of all.

Long styles are the name of the game when it’s hot and humid, but bobs reign supreme during the holiday season. That’s because bobs are easy to style, especially when you’re running around between flights home, end of the year meetings, and holiday parties.

If you’ve been wearing super long hair for a super long time, a short wig is a great way to give yourself a style 180.

Jaw-length, short bobs look soft, effortless and cool, taking years off your look.

To get the look…

With a wig: Erika

Glamour Chignon - Heat Friendly Synthetic Wrap - Hairdo

3. Winter Recital-Ready Top Knots

We’ve always wondered why top knots seem to pop up on our style radar just as soon as cold weather and cocoa roll around.

Maybe it has something to do with living out our fantasies of playing Clara in our elementary school’s production of the Nutcracker? Either way, top knots are back and as stylish as ever.

Shiny, glossy hair matches perfectly with your new holiday dress, and wearing a top knot is the best way to make sure your hair stays shiny and glossy all season long.

There are two ways to use hair additions to achieve a top knot: with a wig or a hair wrap.

Hair Wraps

    If you still have bio hair, go for the hair wrap. Pull your hair back into a ponytail bun at the top of your head and pin it all flat. Then wrap the hair wrap around your pony and pin it into place.


      If you have little to no bio hair, use a wig to get the look. While your wig is on its stand, pull the hair back into a bun and pin it into place, set with hairspray, then put the wig on your head. Just make sure you use a full lace wig or 100% hand-tied wig. Otherwise, you will be able to see the wig cap with your hair pulled back.

      To get the look…

      With a wig: Tea Leaf Layer

      4. Touch-Me Soft Curls

      Confession time: we’re still traumatized by the 80s.

      Lycra bodysuits. Madonna costumes. Stiff, gelled perms.

      Suffice it to say, the 80s were not a good time for us.

      But it’s 2018, so it’s time to confront the shoulder pads in our closets and reclaim 80s styles.

      Enter 2018’s freshest old look: soft curls.

      Now we’re not talking loose, beachy waves here. We’re talking, soft, touchable ringlets, 1-inch wide at most.

      Curly is a relaxed, textured style that looks put together but with minimal effort. You want your curls to have a lived-in look that says, “I tried...but not too hard.”

      Aim for a style that’s flatter on top 0 we don’t need to go that far back into the 80s - and fuller on the bottom. Think of your head like a triangle, flat on top, wider on the sides.

      Add some face-framing layers, and you’re good to go.

      To get the look…

      With a wig: Curl Appeal

      Double Braided Synthetic Headband

      5. Accessories

      It’s time to sing it from the rooftops and belt it out with your favorite troop of carolers: accessories are BACK.

      Minimalism was nice, but it’s nice to be able to add a little something to your look.

      Think of simple headbands or pins, a hat or a scarf, anything that adds a subtle pop of color to your style.

      Pick an accessory in a color that’s the opposite of whichever wig color you’ve chosen so that it really pops.

      Women with blonde or gray wigs should pick a dark, jewel-toned accessory.

      Those with brunette or black hair should aim for a silvery, gold or pastel accessory.

      And women with red hair should, of course, try to find a green accessory. There’s just something about emerald hues that brings out red hair.

      To get the look…

      With a headband: Double Braided Headband

      6. 90s Lobs

      We told you styles come back around, and the 90s are finally getting in on the game.

      Collarbone length hair was popular in the 90s, and it’s popular again in 2018, for good reasons.

      It’s noncommittal: something long but not too long, short but not too short.

      It looks great on almost everyone: longer or shorter cuts don’t flatter everyone.

      It’s long enough to put into an updo when you want to and takes little-to-no-effort to style on days you just want to roll out of bed, throw on your wig, and go.

      What’s not to love?

      To get the look...

      With a wig: Blaire



      We hope we’ve given you some winter style inspiration. Need more advice? Read 7 Hairstyles That Will Take Years Off Your Look or 5 Quick Tips About Caring for Your Wig in Winter.

      Please make sure you tell us your favorite winter hairstyle in the comments!

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