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Samantha Wig by Amore | Synthetic (Mono Top)

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Product Description

Brand: Rene' of Paris Wigs Amore® Monofilament Designer Series Collection
Type of Hair: Synthetic Hair Fiber
Headsize: Average
Weight: 4.2 oz.
Approx. Hair Length: Bangs 7", Crown 10", Nape 7"

Description: Samantha Wig by Amore. Shoulder length soft page with chiseled ends and side-swept textured fringe. This wig features a Hand-tied Top with double Monofilament construction for maximum comfort and styling flexibility along with a chameleon-like base layer, which has the ability to match your own individual scalp color.

Additionally, the monofilament construction is comfort enhanced by a special weaving technique, which results in excellent ventilation. Your wig will "breathe" while being worn..thereby preventing heat and moisture build-up.

Samantha Wig

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