Pony Wrap Hairpiece by Estetica Designs | 14" Heat Resistant Synthetic

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Product Description

Estetica Designs Long Ponytail Hairpiece

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Key Features

Brand: Estetica Designs Hair Pieces

Type of Hair: Heat Resistant Synthetic Fiber

Approx. Hair Length: 14 inches

Color(s) Shown on Model(s): R24/18BT


Add a long, trendy ponytail easily and affordably. Simply secure to your ponytail, wrap the hair around the base for a fashionable look.

Featuring FUTURA COLORS, heat resistant up to 392º Fahrenheit, allowing for styling flexibility.

Also Available In 18 inches: Pony Wrap 18"

How to Use

  1. Pull hair back into a bun or small pony.
  2. Secure the piece to your ponytail.
  3. Wrap the extra hair around the base.
  4. Done!

Note: Do not exceed heat limit to avoid damage.

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