Petite Kate Wig by Estetica Designs | Synthetic (Traditional Cap)

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Product Description

Brand: Estetica Designs Pure Stretch Cap Wigs
Type of Hair: Synthetic
Head Size: Petite
Approx. Hair Length: Bang - 3.5", Side - 2.5", Crown - 3.5", Nape - 1.5"
Approx. Weight:
Color(s) Shown on Model(s):

Description: Petite Kate by Estetica Designs. A style like Petite Kate is priceless. This boy cut features layers that build extra volume in all of the right places. Finish it off with a neatly tapered nape for a beautifully natural look you won't find anywhere else.

Features the innovative "PURE STRETCH CAP" construction. With extreme comfort and precise fit all day long, the wearer may in effect feel as if she is not wearing a wig at all.

Petite Kate | Synthetic Wig (Pure Stretch Cap)COMPARE PURE STRETCH CAP TO A CONVENTIONAL CAP:Petite Kate | Synthetic Wig (Pure Stretch Cap)

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