Tips for Making Your Wig Look Natural

Your hair is one of the first things people look at and one of the most prominent features of your body. As such, if you have a wig, one of your top goals is likely achieving the most natural look possible. Regardless of the type of wig you have (for example, synthetic, human hair, or a combination), you can achieve that utterly natural look you have been striving for without needing any type of professional hair styling experience in order to achieve the professional look you have always wanted.

Wig Coloring for a Natural Look

First, it should be noted that while human hair wigs do tend to offer the most natural look as soon as you get them, closely, if not exactly, mirroring the movement, flow, volume, and balance of a real head of hair, it is not always necessary to purchase a human hair wig in order to achieve a natural look. This is especially good news for those of you shopping for wigs on a budget since human hair wigs do tend to be among the more expensive types of wigs out there.

So, it is advised that you opt for the type of wig that you can best afford as well as the type of material that will best stand up to the climate and type of environment you’ll most often be in. In addition, you can find pre-styled wigs that come ready out of the box with the look you want. Choosing the premade style you will most often want to wear will help prevent you from having to style your wig too often by yourself. The most natural looking wigs are often those that haven’t had too much product or mechanical manipulation applied. In other words, the less you do with your wig over time, the more it will preserve its own initial, original resilience.

Now, the color of your wig is one of the most significant contributors to the natural look you want to achieve. For example, many people have found that rooted colors succeed in giving wigs dimension and quite the natural look. That is because the rooted color creates the illusion or perception that the hair is growing out from the scalp just as it would with real, actual hair.

You can look for wigs that come premade with rooted colors or you can take your wig to a professional salon if you don’t feel confident doing it yourself. That’s right, a professional salon will be more than happy to style, color, and even cut your wig for you just as if it were an actual person sitting in their chair. Similarly, you can look for a wig color that has a close blend of two different colors. This type of color blending will succeed in giving your wig hair a multi-dimensional look, which adds volume and exudes a luxuriously natural look. Just remember that completely solid colors do tend to make wigs appear to be much less natural looking than their blended or rooted color counterparts.

Lace Front and Monofilament Top Wigs 

One of the most effective and popular means of achieving a naturally beautiful look with wigs is by using wigs that have a lace front in combination with a monofilament top. While the type of hair fiber of the wig is obviously important, the cap construction of the wig is almost more important. That’s because a wig only looks natural if the cap holds the hair in correctly and seamlessly. Lace front caps do a wonderful job of providing a completely comfortable and snug fit that holds the wig tightly to the scalp, preventing it from slipping, sliding, or moving around. The lace front does an exceptional job of making it look like you have a natural hairline.

The monofilament component of the wig is what helps create a natural look to the hair coming out of the cap, making it look like there are real hair roots coming out of your scalp. With the monofilament style, the individual fibers are sewn directly into the scalp by hand, which also contributes to the natural look of real hair growing out from the scalp.

Using Product and Conditioning Your Wig

Another highly effective method of achieving a natural look with your wig is to use some simple wig styling products. First, you should always double check that the particular styling products you’re considering using are safe for wigs. When in doubt, look for products that are specially designed for use with wigs, especially your particular material of wig. Also, when possible, see if you can achieve the natural look you want just by using cool and clean water (distilled water is always safest). Prolonged and repeated use of certain products can create damaging buildup. You should also try gently shaking your wig out before wearing it. Sometimes this enough to detangle any knots and give your wig the natural volume and bounce you want.

If that isn’t sufficient, then you can use some spray powder or dry shampoo. Always use as little as possible each time. If you want to curl the hair of your wig, you must be certain that your wig is heat friendly. Otherwise, you could permanently damage your wig with curling irons or flat irons. It is always safe to use the warmth of your hand to eradicate flyaway hairs, reigning them in for a fashionable, natural look. Also, remember to treat your hair with a light cleansing conditioner once in a while to remove any product buildup.