Rene' of Paris Noriko Gradient Colors

Dazzling New Radiance!
Noriko has developed and perfected a unique fiber technology that features multi-color tones on single strands. This remarkably realistic effect adds depth and body to a distinctive contemporary look.

Rene of Paris Gradient Colors 


▪ Only certain colors are available for each product.

▪ Colors offered for a product are listed on the product page under "Colors Available".


● Dual Gradient Tone Colors

▪ Almond Spice: Raisin & Champagne/Nutmeg

▪ Cinnamon Spice: Chestnut & Ginger-H

▪ Creamy Toast: Champagne & Sandalwood

▪ Mocha-H: Nutmeg & Champagne

▪ Nutmeg-F: Nutmeg & Champagne

▪ Nutmeg-H: Nutmeg & Sandalwood

▪ Plum Raisin: Sangria & Ginger-H

▪ Raisin Glaze-H: Raisin Glaze & Nutmeg

▪ Sandalwood-H: Sandalwood & Champagne

▪ Terracotta-H: Terracotta & Raisin Glaze






Shown in Gradient Color Almond Spice  Shown in Gradient Color Nutmeg-F  Shown in Gradient Color Plum Raisin  Shown in Gradient Color Terracotta 

NOTE: Colors & Products displayed may appear different from actual.  If you have questions or are uncertain of your color or product choice, please see Color & Product Help before ordering.

Or, if you prefer you can order a Color Ring which can be found under Wig Accessories. For the colors above, select color ring "Rene of Paris Natural/Hybrant/Gradient Colors".