Raquel Welch Tru2Life Colors

Tru2Life synthetic hair fiberis heat friendly and can be curled or straightened with thermal styling tools.


▪ Only certain colors are available for each product.

▪ Colors offered for a product are listed on the product page under "Colors Available".


Tru2Life Color RL2/4 Off Black

RL2/4 Off Black

Tru2Life Color RL4/6 Black Coffee

RL4/6 Black Coffee

Tru2Life Color RL6/8 Dark Chocolate

RL6/8 Dark Chocolate

Tru2Life Color RL5/27 Ginger Brown

RL5/27 Ginger Brown

Tru2Life Color RL6/28 Bronzed Sable

RL6/28 Bronzed Sable

Tru2Life Color RL6/30 Copper Mahogany

RL6/30 Copper Mahogany

Tru2Life Color RL8/29 Hazelnut

RL8/29 Hazelnut

Tur2Life Color RL10/12 Sunlit Chestnut

RL10/12 Sunlit Chestnut

Tru2Life Color RL11/25 Golden Walnut

RL11/25 Golden Walnut


Tru2Life Color RL12/16 Honey Toast

RL12/16 Honey Toast

Tru2Life Color RL13/88 Golden Pecan

RL13/88 Golden Pecan

Tru2Life Color RL14/22 Pale Gold Wheat

RL14/22 Pale Gold Wheat

Color RL14/25

RL14/25 Honey Ginger

Tru@life Color RL16/88 Pale Golden Honey

RL16/88 Pale Golden Honey

Tru2Life Color RL19/23 Biscuit

RL19/23 Biscuit

Tru2Life Color RL25/27 Butterscotch

RL25/27 Butterscotch


Tru2Life Color RL29/25 Golden Russet

RL29/25 Golden Russet

Tru2Life Color RL30/27 Rusty Auburn

RL30/27 Rusty Auburn

Tru2Life Color RL31/29 Fiery Copper

RL31/29 Fiery Copper

Tru2Life Color RL32/31 Cinnabar

RL32/31 Cinnabar

Tru2Life Color RL33/35 Deepest Ruby

RL33/35 Deepest Ruby


Tru2Life Color RL38 Smoke

RL38 Smoke

Tru2Life Color RL511 Sugar and Charcoal

RL511 Sugar and Charcoal

Tru2Life Color RL56/60 Silver

RL56/60 Silver

Tru2Life Color RL119 Silver and Smoke

RL119 Silver and Smoke

"SS" Shadow Shades feature a darker color depth at the root

Color RL8/29SS

RL8/29SS Shaded Hazelnut

Color RL12/22SS

RL12/22SS Shaded Cappuccino

Color RL25/27SS

RL25/27SS Shaded Butterscotch

Color RL14/22SS

RL14/22SS Shaded Wheat

Color RL19/23SS

RL19/23SS Shaded Biscuit

Colors & Products displayed may appear different from actual.  If you have questions or are uncertain of your color or product choice, please see Color & Product Help before ordering.

Or, if you prefer you can order a Color Ring which can be found under Wig Accessories.  The color ring choice for the Tru2Life colors is "Raquel Welch Tru2Life Colors".