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SmartLace Human Hair Wigs

SmartLace Human Hair Wigs

About SmartLace™:
Jon Renau is proud to unveil the SmartLace™ Human Hair Collection, the most innovative lace front wigs on the market with the highest grade human hair available. The quality of each SmartLace™ Human Hair wig is unsurpassed. Due to their hand-crafted construction, all SmartLace™ wigs have true-to-life shape and long lasting comfort.

Seamlessly contours without tape:
The finely woven and welded lace font will conform to the shape of your head, giving you a fit so secure, you'll feel like it was made just for you.  NO TAPE OR ADHESIVE NECESSARY!

Unparalled comfort and realism:
Each individual hair is hand-tied to the lace, creating the illusion that the hair is growing from your own hairline. In addition, the fine lace front is so smooth and soft, you'll hardly remember it's there. You'll never have to worry about scratching or irritation.

Never unravels or runs:
SmartLace™ is a welded lace, where every thread crossing is ultrasonically heated to adhere the threads to each other. Because of this strengthening feature, SmartLace™ can be trimmed to fit your own hairline without the risk of the material unraveling, stretching or losing its shape.

Completely customizable style:
Elite-quality human hair is the key to crafting your own style. Human hair can be styled with heat to create any look, day after day. The exclusive Renau Naturals (RN) colors, which achieve gloriously natural hues with dyes, give you unlimited options for coloring or highlighting you wig, pls the healthiest sheen possible.
Introducing Renau Naturals:
Jon Renau's innovative Renau Naturals (RN) colors achieve vibrant natural hues without dyes. Normally human hair undergoes bleaching to remove most of its pigment, followed by coloring with fade-proof, permanent dye. By contrast, Renau Naturals colorization gently lifts the original color until the desired hue is achieved. Hues are then hand-blended, wig by wig, to create stunning, shimmering natural hair colors. No dye is used in the process, leaving the hair superbly healthy and ready for custom color and highlights, if desired.


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