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Short Hair Pieces

Short Hair PiecesShort Hair Pieces for women, young ladies and teenagers have become the ideal way to quickly and easily add length, volume, and color to their own hair. Pre-teens, teenagers, and women of all ages love the convenience of simply clipping on short hair piece or extension to their hair for an enhanced style.

Commonly called short hair add-ons or additions, short hairpieces can compliment a hairstyle for women of almost any age. Dance and cheerleading teams find short hair pieces, updos or hair wraps the cost-effective way to spice up teams look.

Short women's hair piece attachments vary from butterfly clips, or clip-ons, to 2 piece combs that slide together, single clips that are common with hair extensions to hair wraps or scrunchies.

Add a short hair piece, such as bangs or a short top piece without all the fuss of re-growing, cutting or re-styling your own hair.

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