• Short Shag Comb Hairpiece

Short Shag Comb | Synthetic Hairpiece


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Brand: Revlon Inspirations Comb Add-Ons
Type of Hair: Synthetic Hair Fibers
Approx. Weight: 4 oz
Approx. Hair Length: 15" - 16"
Color(s) Shown on Model(s): 263R

Description: Short Shag Comb Hairpiece... Simply attach the interlocking combs of this add-on hairpiece into your own hair to create a new fuller looking hairstyle. The interlocking tortoise-shell colored combs provide a secure, comfortable fit. Similar to the Shag Comb, but shorter.

Limited Stock: Due to limited stock of this product we recommend you contact us before ordering to confirm availability.


Short Shag Comb Hairpiece

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