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Cheerz Hairpiece


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Brand: Jon Renau EasiHair Fusion Hairpieces
Type of Hair: Synthetic Hair
Application Method: Bun Base Approx.
Weight: 3.5 ozs
Description: CHEERZ Hairpiece by easihair...Exciting short curly hair addition that attaches to your hair seamlessly with the innovative Fusion Bun Base+Drawstring Attachment. This Fusion Bun Base hairpiece is easy to attach. First, pull your hair back and place into a bun. Fit the hairpiece pocket around the bun and insert both the combs on the base. After the combs are secure in your hair, pull the elastic strings on both sides and tighten around your bun for a natural looking, secure fit. The Fusion Attachment helps keep the hairpiece secure under active head movements such as dancing or cheerleading.

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