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Alysa Wig

SKU: 2712-HM-1

Brand: Henry Margu Wigs
Type of Hair: Synthetic
Headsize: Average
Approx. Weight: 5.75oz
Approx. Hair Length: Bangs 5.5", Ear-Tab 12", Nape 12", Top 5.25-12", Sides 12", Back 12", Overall 20"
Color(s) Shown on Model(s): 8/14H

Description: Long luxurious style offered in beautiful highlighted colorations.

Traditional cap construction features a fine net material in the top area with an open cap in the back area. Weftings attached to stretch elastic lace make the open back creating better ventilation to keep the head cooler. The stretch lace along with adjustable tabs at the nape to adjust circumference allow for a more secure fit. A flexible wire in the ear tab allows the front sides to be contoured to the shape of the face for a natural look. A Traditional cap or a wig utilizing components of this type of cap construction is often referred to as a “machine-made" cap.

Henry Margu Highlighted Colors

Color 1H

1H Black w/ Off Black Highlights

Color 1BH

1BH Off Black w/ Med. Dk. Brown Highlights

Color 4H

4H Medium Dk Brown w/Med Brown Highlights

Color 5H

5H Dark Brown w/ Strawberry Highlights

Color 6H

6H Chestnut Brown w/ Auburn Highlights

Color 626H

626H Dark Brown w/ Golden Blonde Highlights

Color 7H

7H Chocolate Brown w/ Caramel Highlights

Color 8H

8H Med Brown w/Golden Brown Highlights

Color 8/14H

8/14H Med Brown w/ Dk Blonde Highlights

Color 8/27/33H

8/27/33H Med Brown w/Gold Blnd Strawberry & Auburn Highlights

Color 12AH

12AH Gldn Brown w/ Lt Auburn Highlights.

Color 12H

12H Gold Brown w/Lt Gold Blonde Highlights

Color 14/24H

14/24H Dk Blonde w/ Lt Straw. Blonde Highlights

Color 14H

14H Dk Blonde w/ Lt Wheat Blonde Highlights


16H Ash Blonde w/ Platinum Blonde Highlights

Color 18/22H

18/22H Lt Ash Brown w/ Lt Ash Blonde Highlights

Color 24H18

24H18 Lt Ash Brown w/Gold Blonde Highlights

Color 26H

26H Light Gold Blonde w/ Lt Blonde Highlights

Color 27AH

27AH Dark Strawberry Blonde w/ Dark Blonde Highlights 

Color 27/26H

27/26H Gold Blonde w/ Glazed Strawberry Blond Highlights 

Color 29H

29H Dk Auburn w/Copper Red & Fire Red.Highlights

Color 30H

30H Auburn w/ Fire Red Highlights

Color 31H

31H Dk Auburn & Med Brown w/ Warm Strawberry Highlights

Color 33H

33H Dk. Auburn w/ Copper Red Highlights

Color 37

37 Graduated Grey

Color 38

38 Lt Brown w/ 25% Grey

Color 38H

38H Lt Brown w/ 50% Grey on top & 25% Grey in Back

Color 43

43 Graduated Grey Color

Color 44

44 Grey Mixed w/ Dark Brown

Color 44H

44H Med brown Mixed w 50%Grey on Top & 25% Grey in Back

Color 51

51 Lt Grey mixed w/ 25% Med. Brown

Color 51H

51H Lt Grey w/25% Med. Brown on Top & 50% Med Brown in Back

Color 56

56 Light Grey w/ 15% Lt. Brown

Color 60

60 Off White

Color 60H

60H Silver White on top w/ 25% Lt Brown in Back

Color 88H

88H Dk Strawberry Blonde w/Lt Wheat Blonde Highlights

Color 130H

130H Copper Red w/Dk Strawberry Blonde Highlights

Color 131H

131H Fire Red w/ Auburn Highlights

Color 132H

132H Dk Auburn w/ Bright Copper Red Highlights

Color 614H

614H Light Wheat Blonde w/Lt Gold Blonde Highlights

Color 2400H

2400H Auburn w/Dk Strawberry Blonde & Fire Red Highlights

Color 2500H

2500H Butterscotch w/Lt Gold Blonde Highlights.

Color 2600H

2600H Golden Blonde w/Lt Gold Blonde Highlights.



Henry Margu Rooted Colors

Color 1BR

1BR Off Black / Black Roots

Color 2R

2R Dk Brown / Off Black Roots

Color 4R

4R Med Dark Brown / Dk Brown Roots

Color 6/30R

6/30R Auburn / Chestnut Brown Roots

Color 8R

8R Med Brown / Med Dk Brown Roots

Color 8/14R

8/14R Dk Blonde / Med Brown Roots

Color 8/26R

8/26R Lt Gold Blonde / Med Brown Roots

Color 8/27R

8/27R Dk Strawberry Blonde / Med Brown Roots

Color 12

12 Golden Brown

Color 12R

12R Golden Brown / Med Brown Roots

Color 12/26R

12/26R Lt Gold Blonde / Golden Brown Roots

Color 14

14 Dark Blonde

Color 16/22R

16/22R Lt Ash Blonde / Ash Blonde Roots

Color 16/613R

16/613R Platinum Blonde / Ash Blonde Roots

Color 22R

22R Lt Ash Blonde / Lt Ash Brown Roots.

Color 24R

24R Lt Strawberry Blonde / Dark Blonde Roots

Color 24R18

24R18 Gold Blonde / Lt Ash Brown Roots

Color 26R

26R Lt Gold Blonde / Ash Blonde Roots

Color 27

27 Dark Strawberry Blonde

Color 27R

27R Dk Strawberry Blonde / Auburn Roots.

Color 29R

29R Dk Auburn / Copper Red & Fire Red

Color 33

33 Dark Auburn

Color 33/27R

33/27R Dk Strawberry Blonde / Dark Auburn Roots

Color 37

37 Graduated Grey Color

Color 38R

38R Lt Brown w/10% Grey / Light Ash Brown Roots

Color 43

43 Graduated Grey Color

Color 44

44 Off Black w/50% Grey

Color 51R

51R Med Brown w/75% Grey / Off Black w/50% Grey Roots

Color 56

56 Light Brown w/90% Grey

Color 60R

60R Off White / Lt Brown w/90% Grey Roots

Color 88R

88R Lt Wheat Blonde / Dk Strawberry Blonde Roots

Color 130R

130R Copper Red / Dk Auburn Roots

Color 2500

2500 Butterscotch Mixed w/Light Gold Blonde


Henry Margu HiLites Colors



Mandarin Cream

Mandarin Cream

Roasted Cinnamon

Roasted Cinnamon

Ice Mocha

Ice Mocha

Black Cherry

Black Cherry

Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Bean

Ginger Twist

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Spiced Apple

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Caramel Delight

Caramel Delight

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