Raquel Welch Wig Sheer Indulgence Sheer Lines® Monofilament Cap

SHEER INDULGENCE Sheer Lines cap includes a Sheer Indulgence Monofilament Top, Sheer Lines Monofilament front and machine made Memory Cap® base. Sheer Lines monofilament wigs are lighter and more comfortable than other wigs.In addition to the features offered in the Sheer Indulgence top, the Sheer Lines front includes, depending on the style, synthetic or human hair fiber that is individually knotted on 1/8" wide, ultra-sheer netting that goes from ear to ear along the polyurethane front rim of the cap.

This netting results in a low density, natural looking hairline. You would swear the hair is growing right out of the scalp for amazing off-the -face styling versatility. A polyurethane front rim has been added to accommodate tape attachment for added security, if needed.

SHEER INDULGENCE Monofilament TopThis cap offers a monofilament top with a machine made Memory Cap® base. Made to exact specifications, the hair on the entire top area of the Sheer Indulgence Top wig is hand knotted, one by one, providing forward movement and the look of natural growth. This feature allows the flexibility of parting the hair on the left or right or in the center