The Ultimate Winter 2018 Hair Color Trends Cheat Sheet

The Ultimate Winter 2018 Hair Color Trends Cheat Sheet

The Ultimate Winter 2018 Hair Color Trends Cheat Sheet
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8 Winter Hair Color Trends We’re Loving in 2018

We aren’t sure why, but winter always makes us restless.

Maybe it’s because we’re so cold all the time. Maybe it’s because it gets dark before 4 PM. Maybe it’s because we see our friends posting beach vacation pics and get major FOMO (thanks, Sarah).

Whatever it is, there’s just something about winter that makes us want to switch things up.

And one of the easiest, quickest, least expensive ways to make a change is to change your hair color.

A new hue is a perfect remedy for the winter doldrums.

Keep reading to get our breakdown of the top 2018 hair color trends sweeping the nation and find a new, fresh look.

Coppery Velvet

What do Julianne Moore, Christina Hendricks, Amy Adams, and Emma Stone all have in common?

They’re redheads. FAKE redheads.

It’s true. Most of your favorite celebrity redheads were not born that way. Instead, they acquired crimson locks as a way to stick out in an overly blonde and brunette industry.

With a new wig, you too can stand out from the crowd.

Many people think that only women who naturally have red hair will look good with scarlet locks. But Julianne, Christina, Amy, and Emma are all living proof that that’s just not the truth.

And unlike women who dye their bio hair red, you won’t have to worry about your color fading with a wig.

Just make sure you use a leave-in conditioner. Red hair looks best when it’s shiny and soft, so you’ll want to avoid flat, frizzy, dehydrated hair.

Get the look:

Zuma - Synthetic Wig Lace Front Partial Mono Cap - Rene of Paris

Toasted Coconut Highlights

A recent study from the BBC confirmed what most of us already suspected: only 2% of the world’s population is naturally blonde.

What does that mean for the majority of the women who star on the Bachelor franchise? All the Laurens are faking it.

That’s why we’re so in love with one of 2018’s top hair color trends: coconut highlights.

Coconut highlights showcase your natural hair color at the roots and fade to an icy blonde shade, letting you embrace your natural color (instead of hiding it) and be blonde at the same time.

That’s a win/win in our books.

When you’re looking for a toasted coconut wig, look for a wig with dark mocha or black hair at the roots that blends into an almost-white white blonde an inch or two away from the part. The transition should be seamless, and the dark roots will make the white blonde look even brighter.

Get the look:

Mahogany Brown

While your first instinct might be to go darker for winter, this year you should consider trying mahogany or chestnut brown highlights or lowlights.

Mahogany or chestnut brown highlights or lowlights bring out warmer tones in your skin, which we could all use a little more of in the colder months.

Come spring, you’ll be ready to transition right into brighter highlights, and no one will notice that you’ve made a color change, they’ll just think you suddenly look a lot brighter and sunnier.

This is true of any hair look, but especially with darker hues that can look one note: it’s important to make sure your wig stays shiny and glossy. Otherwise, your hair will look flat and age you.

Make sure you put a leave-in conditioner on your wig after you shampoo and condition it, and apply a shine spray before you wear to give you that multi-dimensional brunette sheen you’re going for with this look.

Get the look:

Gisele - Synthetic Wig Lace Front Mono Top - Jon Renau

Caramel Ombré

It’s official: ombré isn’t just a passing trend.

But unlike the frosted tips and blunt highlights of your teenage years, ombré is all about contrasting colors and gradual color changes. Think dark at the roots and a slow fade to light colors, or vice versa.

One of our favorite things about this trendy color is that it works with every single base hair color.

Caramel or cinnamon lowlights add auburn hues to red hair. Caramel lowlights on blondes give warmth, depth, and dimension in winter. And cinnamon lowlights in raven hair add vibrancy to an otherwise flat color.

Literally, every color can benefit from some caramel ombré.

Get the look:


We know. When we see an article telling us to lean into gray hair, we typically scroll or click past it. But stay with us for a minute.

Celebrities are transitioning to gray wigs - on purpose - these days.

Don’t believe us?

Google Hillary Duff, Pink, and Dascha Polanco “gray hair” and you’ll see hundreds of results.

In 2018, gray and silver hair has become a must-have trend (thanks, Khaleesi!). It’s beautiful, it’s shiny, and it’s age appropriate for many of us.

A lot of women are afraid to transition to a gray color when they get older, but opting not to embrace your hair’s natural transition can age you.

Just like our hair, our skin loses pigment as we age, making us paler. So when you contrast that pale skin with a rich color, the difference can be stark.

Think about when you see an older woman with very dark black hair or very blonde bright hair. You know that she’s chosen a color that isn’t her natural color, and assume she’s much older.

By leaning into a gray color and choosing a fresh, modern haircut, you’ll look a lot younger than if you’d chosen a bright hue.

Who knew?

Get the look:

Cold Brew

No, we aren’t talking about coffee (although, pro tip, make it at home because it’s much cheaper). We’re talking cold brew blended wigs.

This trend has been taking the fashion world by storm in 2018 because it’s universally flattering.

To find \a “cold brew” wig, look for a wig with a dark brunette base that has subtle warm highlights throughout. You want it to look like you’ve “added milk” to the look but haven’t swirled it all together yet.

This look works particularly well with hair that’s been curled into big, soft waves because it truly gives off a “swirled” coffee effect.

If you aren’t confident with a curling iron or haven’t perfected your curls-with-straightener-technique, use oversized rollers for the look. It’s better to use a non-heating curling tool than risk damaging your wig.

Totally unsure of how to get the look? See a stylist who specializes in wigs. They can teach you how to style your wig perfectly every time.

Get the look:


Carley - Synthetic Wig Mono Top - Envy

Rose Gold

Golden hair is dead. Long live rose gold hair.

Where golden hair can look dated and, frankly, boring & basic, rose gold adds an element of romanticism and warmth to a dated color trend.

It’s no surprise we’re seeing the color everywhere on Instagram and Pinterest.

Rose gold updates and refreshes a tired color trend. That’s because adding a coppery, rosy color to a blonde hairstyle gives you a flirty, fun vibe that warms up your skin tone.

Lacking in the warmth department with your skin tone? Play up the copper in this color.

Get the look:

Icy Blonde

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again: golden blonde looks great, but it also looks dated.

So many women have been wearing the color for so long that it’s lost its vibrancy. So if you prefer lighter hues, it’s time to give your look an update.

Enter: icy blonde wigs.

A color that’s both on trend with hair fads and the weather.

Icy blonde is cool platinum blonde with gray undertones (not to be confused with an all-out gray color). Where a typical golden blonde has a yellower base layer, this blonde would rather take a step out onto the ice.

Women with bio hair are usually afraid of this color because it requires a lot of bleaching and toning to maintain the color, but with a wig, you can rock the shade without fear of color fade.

Get the look:

Need more style inspiration? Wig out on 6 Amazing Winter Hairstyles to Try Right Now and Choosing the Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone.

Let us know your favorite winter hairstyle in the comments!


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